Techy On-Page Factors. the HEAD section. Part 2 of 2

This post is kind of short but the purpose here is to finalize the examination started in the previous post; we’ll go through the remaining of the <HEAD> elements such as:
Meta Robots Tag, Meta Author Tag, Meta Image Toolbar, Google Webmaster Tools

6. Meta Robots Tag

This tag is usually used by new or unskilled  Webmasters. Take for example this Meta Robots Tag:

<meta name=”robots” content=”index,follow” />

This is useless because it is what a search engine does by default. Using this tag as typed above makes as much sense as posting a sign that says, “Remember, breathe while you sleep” Get my point? Yes, it’s an automatic process which doesn’t require further commands.
It is the same with a search engine bot. However there are other useful variations of the Meta Robots Tag, such as using the tag to keep a page from being indexed.

7. Meta Author Tag

Although this tag does nothing for SEO or usability, I highly recommend using it becasue the Author Meta Tag is required to meet Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI) validation.

8. Meta Image Toolbar

This tag isn’t required and it’s useful if you have large images on your site. What it does is removes the “context icons” that appear in I.E. so your site looks cleaner. I recommend using this tag if you have images that are larger than 100 pixels in height or width.

9. Google Webmaster Tools

Absolutely the best way to get a site crawled. Basically the tag allows for more of your site’s pages to be found and indexed.

Does this post, as the other one before it, add extra info on on-page factors?

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