Tuning Up The HeavyWeight of SEO – Off-Page Factors

While the On-Page Factors still carries weight with SEO, Off-Page Factors are those which make or break a site’s ranking. And Off-Page Factors are generally translated into Backlinks.

Thus, you should focus your efforts on putting together and follow thru a solid link campaign if you were to see any drastic improvements on your Google ranking.

Any link campaign must include your homepage, category pages, articles and press releases.

Latest Off-Page Tips from Google’s perspective:

  • dont’ take into account backlink numbers;
  • don’t take into account visible PageRank from the ToolBar – it’s outdated;
  • for competent analysis, use NicheWatch to verify if you stand any chances of penetrating the exclusive top 10 for your targeted keyword. Check out AllinAnchor column; if there are scrambled numbers, luky-you; if not, start brainstorming for keywords. Once having a new keyword, write down where your page ranks overall, allinanchor, allintitle and allintext;
  • next, use the SEOElite to analyze the links (from Google & Yahoo!) of every site that ranks above you in the AllinAnchor column (keep to five). Contact the best ones and see if you can establish a link from them. Don’t forget to adjust the title tag if the new keyword doesn’t match the original title;
  • find out how your site is rated against the top ten, by using iBusinessPromoter. After obtaining the infos, make adjustments according to the recommendations;
  • once you’ve made the necessary tweaks, respectively: ensured between ten and thirty link towards your site, wrote and submited some press releases and articles, place advertising, got involved in forums and blogs, all in 2-3 days time, then you’re entitled to go checkout the results in NicheWatch. If the numbers in any of the columns increased, you should have an increase also in the overall ranking. If the numbers droped, restore your old page and focus on building up links.
  • Don’t be hasty when checking the changes in your ranking. Google usually integrates the indexed content into the SERPs in 5 to 7 days. As you progress, you’ll check the listings once every two weeks. Just keep repeating the process until you’re #1.

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