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Article Syndication. Essentials Notes To Guide the Process (Part 4 of Article Marketing Flagship Content Series)

Article syndication can be a very easy and successful way to help promote your website and grow your presence in the online marketplace. With the right strategies in place, you’ll be able to build a great amount of backlinks, increase your reputation in the search engines, grow your credibility within your niche and also see a direct increase in traffic from referrals as well.

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Crafting the Perfect Article Body (Part 3 of Article Marketing Flagship Content Series)

One of the keys to successful article marketing is of course the article itself, the article body. Crafting the perfect article body can help you see some great success with all of your marketing efforts, but there are many different tips and tricks that you’ll need to pay attention to. Use this guide to help write a perfect article body each and every time, and the results will improve greatly.

Article Length, Layout and Structure

The ideal article for article marketing purposes is going to be no more than 500 to 600 words. At the same time, it should always be at least 300 words, giving you a good deal of flexibility to choose just how long and detailed you want your article to be. You want your article to be useful and informative, but you also want people to be able to get through it quickly and easily, ensuring they don’t get bored or lose interest along the way. Read the full story

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Article Resource Box | 8 Street Smart Copywriting Tips (Part 2 of Article Marketing Flagship Content Series)

It’s one thing to start writing and distributing considerable amounts of articles, and it’s a whole different story turning those articles into a cash pulling machine. One of the biggest difference is the quality of your article resource boxes used.

If you master the art of creating a fantastic article resource box, then you’ll be able to greatly enhance conversion rates.

Use these 8 Expert Tips to start writing Street Smart article resource boxes:

1. Dangle the Carrot: Remember that your resource box should be building interest in something.

You want to be offering some kind of bonus, incentive or otherwise highly compelling reason for people to click on the link.

Make them interested, and ensure them that the solution they’re seeking is awaiting them at the next website once they take action and click. Read the full story

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How to Write Effective Article Titles (Part 1 of Article Marketing Flagship Content Series)

Effective article titles are not so easy to come up with and many article marketers have a hard time putting words in perfect order. They just can’t seem to figure out how to do it so their articles record above average views, granted the all initial promotion is taken care of.

Other people however simply overlook this section and don’t put as much effort into it as they should.

This post reveals why your article title is such a crucial piece and for the second part uncovers the exact blueprint  for writing effective article titles for the search engines and visitors, alike.

What’s the big deal with article’s title anyway?

  • For every 10 people that read your article title, only 2 people on average will go on and actually read the article. That’s a loss of a potential 80% of your readership, and for respectable content marketers it’s an unacceptable figure. Read the full story

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