Proper SEO Approaches For Top Website Positioning

There was previously a movie called “Field Of Dreams” and in this movie one of the most famous quotes was, “If you build it they will come”. And a while ago the same was true of websites, now things are significantly different. These days if you need to get people to your website then you need to do proper search engine optimization otherwise known as SEO.

Below we are planning to cover a few simple search engine optimization strategies that you should put in to effect on your current websites and any new sites you build. Website Placement can be divided into two separate entities. There is on page Search engine optimization and off page Website seo.

On page SEO happens when you create your web pages so the search engines really like them and therefore give you better rankings in the search engine results. The off page search engine optimization is simply how much attention your website receives from other websites, by way of inbound links. Backlinks also help raise up your rankings in the search engine results.

Here are a few tips for adequate on page search engine optimization. You need to select the keywords and phrases you want your site to get ranked for. For this example we are going to pretend that you have a weight loss blog as well as your creating a new post and you just want to rank for the phrase “Weight Loss Made Easy”. In order to get the attention of the search engines right away, make sure that the title of the page is the targeted keyword phrase.

The first phrase of your page should furthermore have the keyword specific phrase included in the textual content. Some people today are unable to make the key phrase phrase fit in to the first sentence and still make it read correctly. If that’s the case make sure it is in the second sentence.

Your search term should also be included in every other paragraph of the post, don’t fill all the subject material with the phrase as you might be penalized for key phrase stuffing. So as an common article or post will have about 7 to 8 paragraphs of content, depending on the writer, your keyword phrase ought to be included 4 or 5 times throughout the post.

Another thing that is important is that your phrase winds up in the final paragraph, regardless of whether you have the phrase in the passage before.

Now for the off page optimization. The time is right to start building backlinks for that page based on the keyword phrases you would like your page to rank for. The link needs to be set up so when someone clicks on the phrase the link will lead them to your site. When search engines like yahoo see a lot of links pointing from many other websites to your site, and they are utilizing targeted text links, the search engines wind up providing you with better search positions for those keywords.

While there are lots of ways you can create these links, article marketing will likely be the best and easiest way to build plenty of high quality backlinks to your site. This is where you write an article and place these keyword targeted links in the article or in a resource box at the ending of the article. Then you publish these articles to as many article directories and other sites that will distribute your article content as you can find. Every time the article is published you obtain a link pointing back to your web page.

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