Squidoo Marketing Guide – The Final Piece

Let’s finalize what we’ve begin two parts ago.

[6] Generate income from your lens.

The main objective for using Squidoo lenses is to push visitors to your own website to help you build a subscriber list to sell to.

Therefore, you have to provide your audience with a powerful reason to click your hyperlink and go to your converting pages. And once you have them there, you must provide them with a strong enough reason to hop into your mailing list.

Giving away relevant freebies with high perceived value will generally get people to take the action towards your desired outcome. Just Make sure to emphasize the advantages they’ll obtain once on your list as regular insightful newsletter, e-book collection and so forth.

You could use the lens for several other supplementary objectives, such as:

Improving brand reputation and individual popularity inside your niche.

Should you produce top quality lenses, you’ll supercharge your status as a reliable Lensmaster on Squidoo… but you’ll also boost your reputation in the broader market, too.

Establishing yourself as an professional in your niche.

When you start taking over most of the long-tail keywords, many of which pointing to well crafted lenses, your prospective customers will begin viewing you as the expert for their needs. This leads to “top of mind” awareness – this is when individuals think of your niche, they’ll bring to mind your name.

Building backlinks to your site.

Obviously your ultimate goal is to get human visitors to click those links. But remember to optimize the anchor text for these links – you must use your keywords in diverse combinations so that relevancy is built for the money webpage you’re targeting and SE optimizing.

Reviewing and promoting affiliate products and programs.

Even though the primary goal remains selling your personal products and services while building a list, you may employ your Squidoo properties to market affiliate products along the way. Just don’t advertise inferior products for the sake of fat commissions because this will damage the community reputation you’re building.

Making easy money via AdSense.

Squidoo utilizes a revenue sharing model, where they will pay you half the revenue earned on your lens page via AdSense and similar ppc programs. A single lens may not earn you much in a 24 hours period, but as you expand your Squidoo portfolio up to hundreds of lenses, you’ll have set in motion a reliable income stream.

You shouldn’t rely on Squidoo as one of your primary cash machines, as you’d likely do better establishing your own targeted websites or blogs, including AdSense, and retaining full profits. Nevertheless, it’s a nice bonus when you earn money as well as enjoying the main advantages of backlinks to your site, developing a mailing list, and selling affiliate/own products.

Utilizing Squidoo to release viral videos and other programs.

If you’d intend to create a video that “goes viral” on YouTube, the secret is publish it in as many social media platforms as possible. Since Squidoo enables you to supplement the written information on your lens with videos you can supply your newest video productions with an immediate shot of popularity simply by embeding them into your most trafficked lenses.

Summary of Squidoo Marketing Guide

  • Leverage your article marketing campaigns with Squidoo
  • If you’re marketing using article submissions, then you should be present on Squidoo also.
  • Squidoo generally ranks your lens higher than articles published on directories; only 3-4 article directories manage to hold ground and these are Ezinearticles.com, Goarticles and Articlebase.com.
  • Contrary to other Web 2.0. platforms, Squidoo stimulates linking out to external resources, including business websites and sales letters.

Therefore, this is one platform where you don’t need to bother about admins abruptly banning your account simply because you’re building lenses focused on making money.

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  1. peter chapman Says:

    This is great information. I have never really got involved with Squidoo. After checking this out it is something I need to take care of. There are so many opportunities to brand yourself using social networking. I will check out your site in greater detail now I have found it so I can share your wisdom with my downline.

    Excellent stuff.
    Best wishes


  2. holichaxor Says:

    nice info and great article. thanks a lot

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