How New Business Sites Can Pierce the Bottom Floor of Top Rankings

Times when you could rank well in Google on purely scientific on and off page measurements have come and gone. These days search engines tend to follow the end user and this is the primary reason why link reputation weights approximately 90% of all SEO you do on your business site.

Sites that are referenced a lot and discussed a lot are the ones that will progress in the SERPs.

Most SEO is conducted with little attention directed towards relationships; strangely, because marketing is all about networking and building relations.

Before having a link make sure you’ve established a relation. Basically this should be the philosophy of rookie online marketers.

I don’t want to sound as a wise man, because I definitely not originated the idea, but this approach, if closely applied will make you untouchable by most of your competitors.

Old Sites vs. New Sites – a search engine’s perspective

Search engines favor older websites when distributing authority among niche related sites. The reason why this happens is summed up by four main factors, namely domain age, link quality, link age and data usage.

Search engines and especially Google loves fidelity. Domains and heavily used linking patterns are becoming more and more valuable over the years.

Domain age goes hand in hand with data usage, so if a website has served Google users for a long period of time is naturally that it gets higher credentials from Google.

Link quality. As the web becomes more abundant in content, the search results quality standards are constantly updated thus being a link worthy source is more challenging today as it was couple of years ago.

The hardest and most valued links to gain are editorial links embed on content related pages.

If you’re a young webmaster, that I’m pretty sure you are, or else you wouldn’t been spending time on my blog… :) ,

here’s how to cope with having a frustrating new website:

1. Make your website purely informational. Don’t hang adsense or affiliate advertising, nothing. Keep it that way until you get to be known as a dependable content resource worth linking to.

If you’re not getting any consistent traffic, what are the chances you’ll make money online? It’s not such a great deal of sacrifice, if you ask me… :|

If time and budget permits you could also develop other project domains from which to benefit latter on.

2. Buy an old domain, well established in your market. Best buys are typically found around non commercial domains. Depending on your entrepreneurial spirit, you might want to tackle a non profitable domain due to bad management.

3. If the market is crowded with offers and experts, consider moving few niches sideways. Rather than be another “expert” online marketer, be the best on niche markets such as copywriting, email marketing, social marketing, ppc, etc.

4. Use viral marketing to expose your website. This is done with social platforms as FaceBook, Twitter, topic forums and blogs. Build a private marketing campaigns for the information you’re selling or giving away for free and stop following many because this won’t make you remarkable.

5. Link out as much and relevant as possible. Being a community platform is what made social sites like, FaceBook, Delicious so successful in the first place. Don’t get caught up in these non sense that linking out is bad for rankings.

Before concluding, here’s three quick ways of building trust FAST:

- Start up conversations in social environments;

- Give away useful content that people want to read;

- Give complete solutions that can be highly referenced by your audience.

As the market takes note of your presence  so will search engines.

Are you having a hard time geting your new site to rank well? Please leave me your opinion and concerns.

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  1. Zona libre Says:

    Nice and informative Post.Thank you so much for this list, it really helps me out!

  2. best antispyware Says:

    Traffic is always hard to get at the start of any websites life. But I think that people should steer away from solely using seo and especially Google for there traffic. Having your website rely on Google is OK when it is in a good mood, but when it is feeling neurotic it can be years and months of hard work flushed down the drain!

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