Easy Internal Linking Strategy

In this post I’ll present a short internal linking strategy for optimizing content pages, thus increasing the overall authority of your business website.

This 2-step process can be applied immediatetly, as the content is created uploaded online.

Start by deciding upon the keywords you want to use in anchor texts for interlinking webpages within site.

Here’s the follow thru:

Step #1. Type in Google bar the “site” command to search what pages of your site are relevant for the keywords you’re optimizing for.

(For this example I use betternetworker.com as the site and “article marketing secrets” as the keyword phrase I want to optimize my pages with.

This is how it should look like in the search bar:

site command

You notice that I didn’t type “article marketing secrets”, but only “article marketing”.

The reason why is that I don’t want to target exact content pages, just relevant for the “article marketing” keyword phrase.

The first page listed in the results should be the target page.

page to optimize

Step #2. Place your targeted keywords as anchor text on the relevant pages listed in the SERPs. Make sure you target the body of a page and not just in the navigation or the page footer.

This internal linking strategy can be also applied to inbound linking, more specifically – link exchanges with partner network marketers.

Once you found a website with which to exchange links, proceed on inserting its domain name in the search bar along side the “site” command and the keyword you want your page to be linked with as anchor text on the particular website.

Hope it helps! ;)

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  1. Franklyn Galusha Says:

    Very good post, internal linking strategies is not my strong point. I appreciate the insight.

    Best Regards,
    Franklyn G.

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