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Using Twitter To Get More Traffic To Your Site

One thing that is always overlooked when it is about getting website traffic is Twitter. Numerous people are already taking advantage of this marketing method to generate huge traffic. In this article, we will cover a few Twitter tricks to generating more site traffic. Read the full story

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What You Need to Know About Getting Facebook Likes

All you need to do to gain more subscribers to your Facebook page is offer them something they feel is worth the exchange. Be careful about where you get your traffic for your page because as you know only high quality, niche-specific traffic will be interested. We will explore what you need to do in order to gather more fan page likes. Read the full story

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The Myths, Legends and Risks of Twitter Marketing

If you are an web based marketer who has been around for a few years, you no doubt are familiar with Twitter. You could possibly even be using it yourself without a great deal success. There are still several software tools built for automating certain tasks. A great deal of program tools are available for Twitter campaigns. Several marketers follow lots of users as a strategy. Read the full story

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Facebook Marketing – A Powerful Business Tool

The direction of social networking has reached the majority of us over recent years and there is no doubt that Facebook has emerged as the icon of the industry. From its inception in 2004, the number of users currently stands at over 600 million and there’s no doubt that this will rapidly rise to the 1 billion mark before long. Read the full story

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5 Ways to Socialize at Yahoo! Answers Community…

Here’s five different and time-tested ways for you to socialize at Yahoo! Answers community:

[1] CREATE your user profile.

Of course you can respond to your questions without having a picture or avatar, linking to your Yahoo! 360 page, and so on.

Still, you want people to network with you and see that there’s more to you than just a display name. That indicates you must set up your profile thoroughly. And that involves creating and using your Yahoo! 360 profile and picture, which will differentiate yourself amongst the standard Yahoo! avatars that practically everyone else is using.

[2] CONNECT with your social network.

Yahoo! Answers enables you to develop a “friends” (contacts) community merely by browsing the other party’s user profiles and hitting “add to my contacts” button (Obviously, they’re able to block you if they consider you as an intruder.)

Read the full story

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How to Track Twitter Clicks and Receive Conversion Data

Twitter is one of the newer additions to the social networking age that has taken over the internet. Twitter isn’t just for the average Joe, though, everyone from celebrities like Aston Kutcher and Lady Gaga to important people within companies to the actual President of the United States of America use Twitter to communicate to a wider audience.

Despite the 160 character limit that Twitter has installed, as it was originally created for mobile updates and usage, people who use it find a way to limit their words and say what they need to say using a limited amount of characters.

For businesses, the most important thing about online websites are the numbers. Though social media marketers are sure that Twitter is a thing simply for conversation, businesses disagree. They say that there has been a boom in unique visits since signing up to and using Twitter.

Not only can a company ‘trend-set’ or get their unique trend seen by millions of users worldwide by trendsetting, there are also Twitter-based services that direct people who are interested in things like what the business provides to that business’ Twitter and, therefore, to the website that that business owns. Read the full story

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How to Drive Even More Traffic from Twitter

Your business may be small, but the traffic that it can generate from Twitter could be massive if you focus on 10 ways to bring those tweeters to your side of the fence…

1.  Tweet to your market.

Don’t just type out random tweets and send them with little thought. Make it social by imagining you are talking to a customer sitting directly in front of you. They are wondering why they should trust you. What do you say? Read the full story

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7 Ways to Get Your Marketing Tweets Qualified on the Retweet Roller Coaster

In the world of Twitter, it’s one thing to write your own Tweets and send them out to your followers, and it’s a completely different thing to then got those followers and their followers and on down the line to Retweet what you originally posted.

When you can do this effectively, you will be creating a huge snowball effect that builds up your base even farther, enables you to reach a much larger audience, adds to your reputation and authority and drives more traffic to your website and intended destination.

Of course, getting Retweeted is often easier said than done. Therefore it’s important that you learn how to do this for yourself, so you can begin to see all of these great benefits and advantages.

Once you learn a few basic techniques, guidelines and fundamentals you should find that your Tweets get Retweeted far more commonly, and the success you see from that will help you grow in more ways than ever before. Read the full story

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Take Your Twitter Account from Average to a Perfectly Tuned SEO Machine

It seems like every Internet marketer under the sun has been turning to Twitter over the past few years. Of course, just because you have made the leap and have started to use the versatile platform, it does not mean that you have been using it to its full potential.

When properly unleashed, your Twitter page can be an SEO goldmine, enabling you to turn up prominently in the results pages of Google and the other search engines.

You’ll be driving more traffic to your Twitter page and the websites and resources you point to, and you’ll be gaining a great deal of exposure.

Use the following tips and guidelines to get you going in the right direction, taking your Twitter page from average to a perfectly tuned SEO machine.

  • Start with the name: Of course it all starts with your username, which is how people will come to know you and ultimately what your shortened Twitter URL is going to be.

You want your name to be recognizable and memorable, and it should also include one of your primary keywords for maximum search engine impact. Read the full story

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Learn Scientific (Re) Tweeting and Watch Your Followers List Explode Overnight

As you know your Twitter arsenal resumes to tweeting, retweeting and direct messaging people in your list.

Although simple for the ordinary twitter user, using these three weapons tends to get more scientific when you’re aiming to drive traffic to your business website or moving people from Twitter to a mailing list or RSS Feed.

Here are my receipt

The Science of Tweeting

There are really 3 key aspects you should consider when actively interacting on Twitter, namely:

1. Best Time to Tweet

Best days to tweet are Tuesdays and Wednesdays. According to, on these two days an average of 16% users frequent their Twitter accounts. In a previous post I’ve mentioned that Sundays are the best day to follow but on the other hand they’re the worst days to tweet.

Read the full story

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One of Twitter’s Biggest Secrets – Building a Large and Responsive Followers List

The name of the game with Twitter is building a large and responsive followers list. It’s that simple. I mean… if you want to use Twitter as a dependable traffic source for your online business.

And the Surest Way to building a list of followers is to follow first – that if be any chance you’re not already a celebrity :)

At the time of this writing, Twitter has enforced a spam prevention rule that dictates you can follow up to 2000 people without anyone following you back. In order to bypass this limitation the ratio between those 2000 people you follow and those who follow you back should be of 10% or lower. In other words, if you’ve just started a twitter account, in order to take off this 2000 followers cap, you must be followed by at least 1800.

Read the full story

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How to Syndicate your Blog Content on Twitter and Facebook

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How 99% of Network Marketers Are Using Social Media

Network Marketers have understood early on the viral power of Social Media and the potential it carries in driving traffic to their online sales letters.

The one thing though, that an overwhelming 99% of online marketers didn’t undestand is that Social Media is not a free advertising billboard where they could constantly pitch their business opportunity and products.

This approach is very unproductive and could even damage reputations.

Social Media is about building relationships, allowing other people to know you and your products, building your brand and making available quality content that you publish on the internet. Of course, having a valuable contribution for the community will eventually get you the traffic and exposure your business needs in order to grow.

Read the full story

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100 Twitter Marketing Tips you didn’t know they existed

Just hanging out online and found this great collection of Twitter marketing tips, actually 100 of them, and thought you might be interested in. So check it out and tell me what you make of them with a comment below.
(hit the full secret button on the righ upper side for better readability).

And to make Twitter a more efficient platform to work with here’s a list of 10 Twitter Tools that help you work smarter.

Let me know how you diggested the content by leaving a comment below.

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Are You Missing Out on the True Meaning of Twitter?

I’ve decided to make an appeal to reason for all those who are constantly flooding my email address with their business opportunity pitches. Joining the network marketers community on Twitter I think it as having a different objective than that of just being exposed to a whole range of BizzOpps.

And this objective is to colaborate and share ideas and useful resources without necesarly sticking an affiliate link in each tweet we make. Only after you’ve brought your personal share of value to the table for the entire community, are you entitled to discuss business. and not the other way around.

One thing I’m absolutely certain about – 70% of all network marketers on Twitter are not interested in anyone else’s business opportunity. This can be seen clearly on how just about every network marketer behaves, more explicitly, what are they tweeting about ?; and Guess what? THEIR own “kick ass” Business Opportunity. That’s the only business they’re interested in.
Read the full story

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