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SEO for Weblogs. Part 2

How to choose the right blogging platform

Before handpicking your blogging platform, take an inventory of these 10 utmost important SEO criteria that your future blog must comply with:

1. Title Tag composing

Title of any webpage in your blog should have this flow: unique title tag of post | blog title (or) blog tagline

This is how this post you’re reading is appearing in the SERPs:

Blogging with the search engine in mind.part2 | web traffic solutions for network marketing (or) TrafficCpanel.com

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Blogging With The Search Engines In Mind. Part 1

Blogs are different from the static websites due to two reasons namely their genuine social nature and the ability to inform search engines every time they get updated.

As you know, a big chunk of SEO is all about building back links. Different from static websites, this task is a lot easier with blogs by leveraging the social media capabilities of syndicating valuable content; also, it’s worth mentioning the perceived authority social media environment is assigned with by the search engines, especially Google.

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