The Right Way to Improve Your Email Marketing Results

If you not seeing the results you want with email marketing, then it may be necessary to start from the beginning and analyze your approach. If you have been struggling with your email list, then sit back and read what follows because it can help straighten out a few things.

We will touch on the subject of ethics here in your campaigns because it obviously is a sore spot with many people. There is a great need for ethical email marketers these days because of the high level of spam going on. One thing about it is we tend to feel that some practices have limited effectiveness and are not suited for long term business growth. The bottom line is you do not want to spoil your name or business rep on the net.

A targeted email list of subscribers that trust you is always better, even if it’s small in size. Keeping things honest and above-board will go much further with your list than anything else. Anyone can only tell you what a good subject line will do and that is it. Avoid using words that will cause spam problems such as money, free, offer, etc. Your subject line must create curiosity and also transition well into the email copy.

Never forget that you can learn from others and even get inspiring ideas simply by joining lists. So just take these precautions, and you will have great subject lines with no issues with spam.

Sometimes it seems you have no control, or little of it, when it comes to keeping your email out of spam filters. If you are using aWeber or even Get Response, this will not be so much of a concern, but it is still a good idea to give people clear instructions on white-listing and be sure to tell them to do it.

Actually, this is something we still see but just not as much as before. If you already have a list and do not have this problem, then you are good to go. Even if it helps a little bit, then the effort will be worth it. As you have just read, there are a number of tasks you should do with your email marketing before you get started. This is what it is all about, plus we urge you to never stop learning.


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