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Make them go “A-HA” with Your Content

Top prospects require top quality content in your marketing blog.

In order for your blog to become a lead magnet you have to make your content useful and unique.

How to produce useful content?

As I’ve stated in the Choosing THE Topic for your marketing blog post from this series, you want your blog to become, overtime, a complete library in the niche you operate in. Evaluating the usefulness of your blog content will always be a subjective matter depending from reader to reader.

Nevertheless there is a tactic that will guarantee your content will be percieved as being useful 90% of the time and that is by presenting the information in more than one tonality and format.

Some of the approaches at your dispossal when discussing your market within your blog can be:

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Choosing THE Topic for Your Marketing Blog

The answer to this issue lies in making a thorough research of the market you operate in. Knowing all the variables of your market will enable you to answer questions such:

Who is your market?

You have to build a complete profile of your prospect. It’s not necesarily coming up with percentages for each segment. but before addressing a market you have to know what is that they’re interested in:

just buying your products;

getting involved in the business opportunity you offer;


Another set of data extracted with your research must address their needs, fears and desires. A wise thing to do is employing these three aspects into distinct categories in your future blog in a way that would enable your prospects to find quick (preliminary) answers to their problems.

You want your future blog to be a complete library about your niche market.

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Marketing Blog Anatomy series. The Starting Line

Heard about generating massive traffic  to your business pages by employing a blog? or… Are you just looking for some free methods of generating traffic to expose your bizzopp and/or products?  Either way, The Blog can represent such an option with some spectacular results.. and a few sidenotes.

Maybe it won’t cost you money to install and operate your blog but will most definetly cost you time and mental effort to keep it alive and make it standout in your niche market.

As a matter of fact, if you’re not an avid writer or simply crazy in love with the service/products you sell, you might have some rough times just maintaing you blog alive.

This is not me being an arogant ass, but rather kind of quoting the statystics which tell us that the average number of blogs launched daily is somewhere between 125K-170K, and despite its huge popularity, the average life span of a blog is of just 3 months. Challenging endeavor, indead…

Still, I didn’t bring you to my… Blog… just to make you hate my post or me, but rather to present you with a series of posts concerning the science behind marketing online with a blog.
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