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Practical Tips for Building One Way Back Links

Building one way inbound links is probably one of the most difficult tasks for online marketers that are just starting to use SEO tactics with their business website.

But the truth is that not every link you request has to turn into a reciprocal link as the only mean of getting it in the first place, without paying for it.

Although this is an area where results vary greatly as supposed to other straight forward  SEO receipts, I’ll try giving some guidelines on how to get one way backlinks to your website with no or as low as possible costs.

Building back links is 90% all about initiating and sustaining relationships in your  niche; it’s all human interaction. And the only way your requests will be taken into account by potential linking partners is by you to sound, look and feel like a human.

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Definitive 10-Step Strategy to Link Building

This entry consists of new content and references to other posts on different stages of the overall backlinking strategy.

The 10 Steps to a Productive Backlink Network

1. Assess your strong points with which you’ll approach potential link partners

Webmasters that you target as potential link partners will have three reasons for linking to you:

> quality content. Although you are new in the industry and have poor site authority, you provide quality content – an ever-green asset that attracts visitors, and increases conversion.

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4-Step Guide to Building Backlinks with Solid Link Partnerships

Finding partner webmasters for getting backlinks to your webpages is one of the most challenging operations when it comes to Off-Page Optimization.

If building backlinks with submission directories, article directories and social media platforms is largely a matter placed on your own hands, getting backlinks from other niche related sites involves human interaction and success can be rare, especially if you’re new on business, with no authority and little value for veteran online marketers to share.

Nevertheless, there are some strategic aspects for finding link partners upon which I’m going to focus in this post.

Here is what we’re going to cover in the following lines:

1. General rules that must guide your link partners research campaign;

2. Where to look for one way backlinks;

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14-Points “Don’t do” CheckList for Building Backlinks

In order to dominate a niche market your website needs to have a backlink portfolio that meets these three requirements: highly targeted, high quality linksplaced in the right spot on the pagewith the right anchor text.

Of course, in the process of attaining this goal you’ll be tempted along the road to make use of some rather unproductive shortcuts.

This post will show you what practices resemble more to jumping from a cliff rather then ensuring a pleasant ride.

Backlinking practices you must avoid

1. Don’t outsource your link building campaign UNLESS you verify them  and they have a white hat background and keep a transparent business conduct.

2. Don’t search for “keyword phrase” and “submit site” in Google. The vast majority of results are garbage sites. Read the full story

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How To Get Backlinks by Hijacking Your Competitor’s Linking Sources

This post is about getting backlinks from webpages upon which we don’t have any control and by utilising search engines as a backlink tool.

Methods for building artifficial backlinks to your webpages like using forum threads, article directories, social bookmarking will not be covered.

Finding Link Partners, in a nutshell

1. Use DMOZ and Yahoo Directory and identify your competition; other submission directories can be consulted.

2. Use Yahoo! Site Explorer and do a backlink analisys for the competing websites in your niche; sites that are curently linking to your competition are places from where you want your own website to get backlinks.

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Tuning Up The HeavyWeight of SEO – Off-Page Factors

While the On-Page Factors still carries weight with SEO, Off-Page Factors are those which make or break a site’s ranking. And Off-Page Factors are generally translated into Backlinks.

Thus, you should focus your efforts on putting together and follow thru a solid link campaign if you were to see any drastic improvements on your Google ranking.

Any link campaign must include your homepage, category pages, articles and press releases.

Latest Off-Page Tips from Google’s perspective:

  • dont’ take into account backlink numbers;
  • don’t take into account visible PageRank from the ToolBar – it’s outdated; Read the full story

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