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Reciprocal Links. Steering Clear of one SEO Controversy

Are reciprocal links of any use?

As I mentioned in other link building posts, Google evolved its capacity for detecting low quality link exchanges, constantly diminishing their value towards zero or even negative figures. The reason why link exchanges dropped so dramatically is because of web’s evergreen reason – abuse.

I’m not saying that exchanging links is a banned practice in Google and other SEs perspective, but rather the abusive way in which is conducted and its approval or not depends largely on with whom you’re hanging out.

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4-Step Guide to Building Backlinks with Solid Link Partnerships

Finding partner webmasters for getting backlinks to your webpages is one of the most challenging operations when it comes to Off-Page Optimization.

If building backlinks with submission directories, article directories and social media platforms is largely a matter placed on your own hands, getting backlinks from other niche related sites involves human interaction and success can be rare, especially if you’re new on business, with no authority and little value for veteran online marketers to share.

Nevertheless, there are some strategic aspects for finding link partners upon which I’m going to focus in this post.

Here is what we’re going to cover in the following lines:

1. General rules that must guide your link partners research campaign;

2. Where to look for one way backlinks;

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