Other Free Link Resources to Help Propel Your Web Biz

Is there such an SEO bargain called free links?

In my opinion, no. If you’re just starting out in online marketing and you’re on a tight budget, the currency you invest is called time.

I say this because you have to run in a thousand directions to make yourself remarkable in the market place. And then to give an extra push to this back ’n forth, you add your well garnished monthly budget.

Weird as may sound but, oftentimes, the best link you get comes indirectly, by you investing in quality, namely building great content, providing remarkable products or services or just having a pretty cool website that’s worth spreading the word about.

If you’ve been hanging around my blog for a while you probably know that I’ve discussed the topic of building links in other entries, but this time I want to add some variants to the table such as:

1. alternatives to classical content syndication;

2. more subtle methods such as testimonials, enhancing your current links,

3. social media consideration and of course,

4. that short philosophical remark on the début.

Diversifying content syndication

There are linking opportunities you stumble upon on a constantly basis but in most cases your eagerness isn’t meat with the same feelings by your counterpart.

A great approach can be that of making available your writing services where you publish an unique article tailored on that website’s look and feel.

The truth is that currently, the web is 90% all about recycled junk content and writing a well documented article or paying a ghost writer to do it for you is an affordable way of building a consistent link portfolio.

So instead of publishing your article only with article directories, consider alternating and become a regular guest blogger for some authority blogs in your industry.

This will gain you more exposure in a shorter period of time than uploading your articles on general or even specialized article and press release directories.

The article to use can also be one of your rewritten blog entries, so that the recipient doesn’t invoke duplicate content exception.

Using and referencing past content pages on your site helps build context and relevancy by diversifying anchor text, better structure your site, expose old content to new readers.

Remember to always target well positioned sites. Before contacting them, conduct a quick scan with regard to Alexa Rankings and authority. This is also valid when looking to submit content to article directories. Focus on getting your content on the best rated directories first and then expand your distribution to medium to low quality sites. For this second phase a suggest using automation. Here’s an unbiased review of article submission software.

Quick tip on finding sites and directories worth publishing with: Track down the leading authors and see where do they publish content. Picky back on their resources.

Giving testimonials for back links

Why testimonials are so effective is because the beneficiary invariably has to embed a link back to your website. But be wary what products you promote because unrealistic claims can just as easily back fire.

In many cases, testimonials are disguised reciprocal promotions. This is a natural way of doing business, since the deals are done between individuals who know, like and trust each other. Still, not all testimonials are business relationships but you better write impressions about products and services you personally consume.

Social Media Platforms & Hub Pages

Social interaction and social bookmarking sites make up a good resource of back links. Use only top rated platforms such as Digg.com, StumbleUpon, Delicious, as they impose strict rules for discouraging abusive behavior, thus carrying more weight and helping sites rank better.

Aggregator sites like Hub Pages and Squidoo help you build “how to” pages or lens (Squidoo) that have a head start in ranking well in the SERPs as compared with your new websites. A back link from these webpages is very useful.

A note must be made on social bookmarking websites powered by open source softwares like Pligg and Ning – a wouldn’t waste my time submitting to these private bookmarking projects since they take forever to get indexed and even then their ranking power is low.

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  1. Dwayne Huggins Says:


    Love the value you provide and the way in which you provide it, nice simple and easy to understand.

    I’m still going through the rest of you post.

    I like the idea you present in this post about guest authoring on more popular blogs. Such a good idea.


  2. Cristian Says:

    Thanks, Dwayne!
    I’m with my eyes on your blog, too! ;)

  3. Joe dos Santos Says:

    I am very pleased to read your tips on link building, and will take the good advice and continue with it, and am sure to see a differnce in a short while.

    Keep up the good work and advice.

  4. steve Says:

    Thanks for the extra insight. I like the info about testimonials, good point.



  5. Emperor Says:

    Good description.

  6. Free backlink Says:

    great info for me…thanks

  7. Richard Michael Says:

    Very good tips. Actually, people dont realise the importance of varieties in backlink building. You can also order custom services from internet marketing service providers like eKritiks – Web Services and Solutions and ask for custom backlink building based on your competitors.

  8. SanderM Says:

    Thanks for shearing this, very good info, going try it out ;)

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