Six Quick Tips When Outsourcing Article Writing

  • consult the reviews and feedback for each individual writer before hiring him.
  • hire article writers from the geographical area you target as they tend to be more acquainted  with the local dialect and lingo.
  • don’t spend more than 10 to 15$ for a 400-800 words-long article.

  • hire an article writer for one piece of content to begin with; test his expertise and decide if you want to continue with him.
  • don’t buy into promises of optimizing the content with the right keyword density. more probably they’ll going to stuff your article with lots of keywords which will damage the contents professionalism.
  • make sure your so-called unique content isn’t just copy’n paste from other’s people work.

Outsourcing your article writing will provide you with constant content to submit on the web. I advise limiting your submision to maximum 3 articles per week. This method of generating traffic will produce you long term results, so keep it steady.

Any tips of your own you want to share?

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  1. quigley Says:

    Outsourcing can really help a business a lot in terms of minimizing expenses. There are several outsourcing companies out there and there are also many clients that are willing to pay for a good price in exchange of quality content.

    Recently, I was looking for a good outsourcing company, and luckily, I found one. It’s OBW, which you can find at . I ordered once and I think I will hire them again. Really good.

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