How You Can Improve Your Blog Traffic Using A Share This Button

If you launched a blog in order to make some money from it, you already know that without people coming to your blog, you will not make any money. You may be one of those people who keep attempting new things to get more traffic to your blog. When it comes to getting more traffic to your blog you really need to get back to the basic principles. The efficiency of a “share this” button on your blog posts can make a vast difference. You are likewise going to learn how and why this can be a traffic miracle.For those who are not aware a “share this” button is a way for your visitors to share a message you created with other people. You might have been on a blog and observed a “tweet this” button. This is one way for the visitors of that blog to notify their friends about a post that could interest them.

While you can look for buttons that will allow you to post to twitter or even facebook you will want to find a button that has multiple sites listed. If you truly want to see how effective this little button can be don’t limit the sites that your visitors can post to. Preferably you will want a multi-site “share this” button that is not going to limit the sites that your page might be posted to. At the very least you should add a button for the majority of the well-known social sites. While a few people may be on facebook, other may exclusively be on twitter and still others may only have a my_space account, in short never skimp on posting options.

If your blog is on a wordpress platform, you have multiple possibilities of plugins that you can make use of. Just make sure the button you add will give your site visitors options on where they would like to share your post. What you are actually looking for is a “share this” button that includes every single social networking site you can come up with.

Here I am going to illustrate an example of exactly what can take place when you have this button installed. Lets say you just published an excellent article and someone would love to share this with their buddies on twitter. Practically all they had to do was use the button you installed and now 50 more people know about your post.

Now lets say that 50 people saw the post but just 7 made a decision to stop by your site and read the post for themselves. And because they really liked the article 3 of them made a decision to share this on facebook, digg and stumble upon. Now this one post may be endorsed to 150 or more people.

Then 20 of those people who just got the message decided to drop by and read what you had to say and then 50 percent of them decided to share with many other friends and family members that they think will enjoy the article. I am sure you can see how one post with a good “share this” button can turn into loads of traffic.

The little things you carry out can get you more traffic than all those “traffic driving” software programs that become available each and every week or so. And whenever you are getting the targeted traffic you need the money is not going to be far behind.



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