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Easy Internal Linking Strategy

In this post I’ll present a short internal linking strategy for optimizing content pages, thus increasing the overall authority of your business website.

This 2-step process can be applied immediatetly, as the content is created uploaded online.

Start by deciding upon the keywords you want to use in anchor texts for interlinking webpages within site.

Here’s the follow thru:

Step #1. Type in Google bar the “site” command to search what pages of your site are relevant for the keywords you’re optimizing for.

(For this example I use betternetworker.com as the site and “article marketing secrets” as the keyword phrase I want to optimize my pages with.

This is how it should look like in the search bar:

site command

You notice that I didn’t type “article marketing secrets”, but only “article marketing”.

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Launching your Marketing Blog

I will avoid getting into comparative charts between different blogging platforms and directly advocate my personal choice – WordPress

You surely heard of wordpress before, but let me make a clear distinction between wordpress.com and wordpress.org.

While WordPress.com provides the software and hosting services for free, the second, wordpress.org, is a freelance software, free to use on any website, by anyone. You might wonder why not just take the hosted version of wordpress.com and start blogging.

For network marketers this is a next-to-impossible approach to blogging because in your endeavor to drive quality traffic and generate leads for your business, you’ll:

  • have to make reference to other players/products or services in your market and to do so it could be considered advertising.
  • getting advertised via email lists, other blogs and web sites, and similar unsolicited promotional methods – interdiction stated in their terms of service.
  • want to have your own branded domain name.

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Are You Missing Out on the True Meaning of Twitter?

I’ve decided to make an appeal to reason for all those who are constantly flooding my email address with their business opportunity pitches. Joining the network marketers community on Twitter I think it as having a different objective than that of just being exposed to a whole range of BizzOpps.

And this objective is to colaborate and share ideas and useful resources without necesarly sticking an affiliate link in each tweet we make. Only after you’ve brought your personal share of value to the table for the entire community, are you entitled to discuss business. and not the other way around.

One thing I’m absolutely certain about – 70% of all network marketers on Twitter are not interested in anyone else’s business opportunity. This can be seen clearly on how just about every network marketer behaves, more explicitly, what are they tweeting about ?; and Guess what? THEIR own “kick ass” Business Opportunity. That’s the only business they’re interested in.
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