Learn Scientific (Re) Tweeting and Watch Your Followers List Explode Overnight

As you know your Twitter arsenal resumes to tweeting, retweeting and direct messaging people in your list.

Although simple for the ordinary twitter user, using these three weapons tends to get more scientific when you’re aiming to drive traffic to your business website or moving people from Twitter to a mailing list or RSS Feed.

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The Science of Tweeting

There are really 3 key aspects you should consider when actively interacting on Twitter, namely:

1. Best Time to Tweet

Best days to tweet are Tuesdays and Wednesdays. According to Sysomos.com, on these two days an average of 16% users frequent their Twitter accounts. In a previous post I’ve mentioned that Sundays are the best day to follow but on the other hand they’re the worst days to tweet.

As far as time of the day, again Sysomos.com tells us that afternoons, between 11am and 3pm, in the evenings from 9pm to 11pm provide the strongest oomph for your tweets.

Mornings are not so good, but if your niche is disputed largely online, tweeting in the mornings can prove pretty efficient.

2. Stuff to Tweet

The thing is you don’t have to tweet only your own content. There is an unlimited source of content for you to tweet. But you don’t want any information.

You want only pre-tested content. That’s content that people will surely like and appreciate for sharing it. This is a pretty solid secret to becoming popular on Twitter. So keep this in mind.

Best places for finding quality content are websites that provide social proof, namely services that compile and grade content based on its already gained popularity throughout social media environment.

My personal favorite services for finding relevant/entertaining content are:

*Google Alerts – easiest to use; type in your targeted keywords, wait for Google updates and tweet them. Google takes note only of info coming from trusted resources;

*Alltop.com – this site pulls up representative blogs for different niche markets in one compelling, daily updated encyclopedia. Neat source. I Highly recommend it.

*StufftoTweet.com – an aggregator of tweet worthy content.

*PopURLs.com – collects the biggest stories by each of the different bookmarking services like Digg and Delicious, most popular photos in Flickr of the day.

3. Tweetin’ in Blocks (important)

Simply put, tweet in blocks of 5 to 10 tweets at a time, with every tweet going out every 30-60 seconds, 3 blocks per day – (optional) morning, afternoon and evenings. At the end of the day make sure you have tweeted around 15 to 30 tweets

This way you’ll attract communities’ attention and build notoriety for your brand.

The reality enforcing this tactic is that single tweets have little to no effect what so ever upon your list of followers. They literally gets lost in the timeline clutter.

The Science of Retweeting

A more efficient way to retweet – from a marketing perspective – is to delete the big RT signal and replace it with a more subtle reference to the initial tweeter, namely by using a “via” or “from” info unit in the end of the tweet. This is what I mean:

What this new tweet structure does is that it exposes the subject line and ultimately increases the likelihood someone will further retweet the subject line.

Chances of getting your tweets retweeted can be increased by tapping into and promoting stories that already are enjoying viral exposure on Twitter. For finding hot subject lines, use these four retweet and tracking Tools:

retweet radar – this tool describes itself as ‘Finding trends in the mountains of information ‘retweet’ed on Twitter.’ It puts together a retweet cloud of terms that are being retweeted, ranks most retweeted users of Twitter and ranks the links that are being retweeted.

Consult these 4 web services to find the latest, best retweeted subjects:

* RetweetRadar.com – similar with the clasic tag cloud, the service generates a retweet cloud of terms that are being retweeted then ranks most retweeted users and links.

* Retweetist.com – except for the displayed tweet cloud, it has the same features as retweetradar above.

* RetweetRank – ranks Twitter users by the number of retweets they have.

* Dan Zarrella’s ReTweet Mapper – allows you to see a chart of the most retweeted people on Twitter (by the last hour, day and week).

Back on Twitip.com, Kiesha Easley made a list of 10 Tips to Getting More Retweets. Be sure to check them out and borrow some of her practices.

(One tip not covered in that post is) the recommended length a tweet must have for it to stand a better chance of being retweeted  is 120 characters; the extra 20 characters should be reserved for the retweeter username.

Beside this, I try to follow some proven guidelines like:

> writing headlines for a tweet;

> passing along valuable info or knowledge such as breaking news, how to’s, tutorials, offers for free stuff, contests etc;

> including a call to action, such as “help me…”, “vote for…” “plead for…” “please…”; it was reported that in general only 1% of all tweets are RT-ed, but… if you include a “please RT” chances go up to 6%.

The Big Principle behind Retweeting is : Retweet as you would be Retweeted.

As a last idea to consider, focus on building relationships with people that retweet your stuff and direct message you (except those DM with buying intentions).

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  1. Paul Germana Says:

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  3. Microwavable heating Pad Says:

    I’m still bumbling my way around Twitter, though I am finally beginning to appreciate it. So much of it still baffles me, and is not intuitive, (at least to me), but i’ll get the hang of it.

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