How to Promote Your Hubpages Using Article Marketing Principles

[STEP 2]: Market your HubPages.

The action steps used to market Squidoo lenses fit perfectly with your HubPages as well. Here are some additional marketing approaches you can utilize:

  1. Inform absolutely all people you know regarding your newly launched HubPage. Mailing to relatives and buddies, revealing it to your own mailing list, back linking to your Hub account on forum signatures, promoting your HubPages within your blog.
  2. Reciprocate links with other online marketers.
  3. Publish in free classified ad directories.
  4. Submit content articles to major ADs, with the resource box pointing to your hubpages. To epand your reach employ an article submission software.
  5. Take advantage of social bookmarking sites and other web 2 .0. platforms to advertise your quality hubpage.
  6. Go back and revise the methods outlined in Article Marketing with Squidoo post.

It’s essential that you advertise your newly created and older hubpages. The reason behind this imperative is that channeling web traffic to your hubpage – specifically from third party sources – improves the page’s so-called “HubScore”. HubScores have values from 1 to 100 and obviously, the higher the better.

Look at the snippet below and you’ll see that this metric is not just displayed on the hubpages, but it also shows up in the SERPs listings:

Exactly why is the HubScore significant? There are 2 reasons for this:

[+] Considering that the HubPages platform is a genuine social networking environment, many will check out your HubScore as a way of measuring the quality of your content and ultimately how much of a professional you prove to be overtime. This reason alone is crucial for making any kind of money via HubPages. So, a good rating ensures that a substantial percentage of visitors will take the time and go through your hubpage and eventually click on your links.

[+] works with the “nofollow” attribute to all hubs with scores below the 50 mark, and also to all hubs assigned to an account while the overall account score is under 75. Which means that in case your HubScore currently is or dropped below this limit, HubPages won’t pass any editorial trust to your linked-to domains, thus you gain a limited SEO benefit out of those links.

In that case how to increase your Hubscore?

Here’s a few suggestions to start with:

• Produce an innovative, superior HubPage. Take into consideration what kind of informational materials your particular niche looks for, and assemble it in a coherent manner; however do not work with duplicate content material. For instance, do not build a Hub and a Lens utilizing the same regurgitated content as your hubscore will most definitely plunge.

Furthermore, have your Hub as comprehensive as possible. A quick HubPage appears spammy. An intensive, multimedia guide or tutorial looks and sounds like an authority content, and that’s exactly the type of hubpages moderators want populating their platform.

Set up numerous Hubs. Once again, do not rely on a bunch of limited HubPages, because this is a clear indicator for spam. Rather, invest your efforts crafting a few (possibly related) HubPages utilizing your existing write-ups as a framework. Plenty of great hubs will enhance your overall Hubscore.

Incite readers to rate your Hub. Hubpages relies on a basic “thumbs up” or “thumbs down” ranking system. Just as with Squidoo, explicitly ask visitors to express their general position towards your Hub. And if you blog, do email marketing or in any manner advertise your hubpages – don’t forget to call for ratings.

Advertise your HubPage. HubPages actually rewards you for marketing your personal hubpages. It appears that the more page views your hubpages have the higher your hubscore will go.

Get the last bit of this guide condensed in this final, third part.

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