How to Choose the Most Productive Back Link Sources

Thought I’d try to elaborate on the qualifications that a good back link source must comply with for better results when off-page optimizing your business website. I managed to come up with…

7 Questions to filter out your potential link sources

What are their own inbound linking sources?

Authoritative websites usually appear in top general directories like DMOZ and Yahoo! Directory. Besides that, they enjoy recognition (by constantly linking to them) from other sites you’ve probably heard of as dominating your market and tend to be referred a lot in the social media environment.

On the other hand, if your prospect website has a back link portfolio consisting of many unrelated websites, it would be best not to spend time acquiring a link from it.

Use some available back link scouting methods I’ve discussed in a previous post on leveraging your competition’s linking experience.

Does their Content meets your quality standards?

Evaluate their content quality, its ability to drive traffic, and the way it relates to your website from a visitor’s perspective.

If they offer related and/or supplemental information to your own and contributes to both of your future visitor’s experience and improving traffic stats, then consider obtaining a link from that website.

Before satisfying SEO reasons strive to bring value to your readers and future clients.

Does your targeted webpage have authority?

Always take into account the page level link equity and the likelihood (depending greatly on the site’s overall value) that the page will consolidate, in time, its own inbound link “reserve”.

This consideration applies often to blogs where posts are rapidly disappearing from the homepage along with the privileged situation of having a back link from a website with PageRank, say, of 5 (dictated by its homepage).

Think long term; if the whole website meats the criteria presented on this post, get the link even if the webpage you plan having it embed on has, momentarily, low authority.

Who are their linking partners?

Authority webmasters tend to build communities of like minded individuals.

They’re simultaneously referred by and referring trusted websites. See if your prospect website has a hybrid collection of unrelated websites referring to and if so, you’ll know that it carries little to no trust both from the SE and visitor’s standpoint.

If it doesn’t link out to other themed website, then it probably has no authority to share and it’s not worth the effort of reaching out for a back link. Not to mention the increasing dis consideration that Google has for webmasters that act greedy in preserving their PageRank by not linking out.

Are they organizing “link auctions”?

Well, not really link auctions :) , but are they embedding links on a regular basis? Because if they do, they’re probably selling them.

Having a link partner like this is a dangerous game to play because SE and especially Google fights this hyper artificial link building techniques and sooner or later their link equity could be blocked and their PageRank brought to zero.

Are they indexed and present in the SERPs?

Make sure the website you plan on getting a back link from ranks for your targeted or related keywords in the SEPs. If it’s noware to be found in the first two search result pages, then look for other link source.

Even being placed on the second page is not that good but, there are chances for the rankings improving in the future. Tools like SEO digger and will help you.

Are they popular throughout community?

This criteria deals with exposure that your prospect websites must provide. Even though they’re not SEO masterpieces, websites that enjoy high numbers of subscribers bring you a great deal of referral traffic. Checking subscribers stats can be done with Google Reader.

If your just starting SEO – Off-Page Optimization:

• keep away from, gambling, porn sites except your part of the industry :D ;

• keep your linking campaign relevant to your niche;

• keep away from shady link exchanges with no relevance for your site’s theme; eventually you’ll transform your online real estate into a link farm – a site with a bunch of completely unrelated links, scattered about in no logical order;

• don’t get fooled by the short term increase in rankings because they will soon puddling on the flour;

• use your common sense for evaluating inbound link sources.

Let me know your own optic concerning good back link resources. What was overlooked with this post?

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  1. Interesting Says:

    Cool, just what I needed

  2. backlinks Says:

    I would disagree with the keep your link building campaigns relevent but other than that a well put together article.


  3. Saakashvili Says:

    I use web 2.0 sites, Article marketing.
    It is great source for excellent link juiced backlinks.

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