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Learn Scientific (Re) Tweeting and Watch Your Followers List Explode Overnight

As you know your Twitter arsenal resumes to tweeting, retweeting and direct messaging people in your list.

Although simple for the ordinary twitter user, using these three weapons tends to get more scientific when you’re aiming to drive traffic to your business website or moving people from Twitter to a mailing list or RSS Feed.

Here are my receipt

The Science of Tweeting

There are really 3 key aspects you should consider when actively interacting on Twitter, namely:

1. Best Time to Tweet

Best days to tweet are Tuesdays and Wednesdays. According to Sysomos.com, on these two days an average of 16% users frequent their Twitter accounts. In a previous post I’ve mentioned that Sundays are the best day to follow but on the other hand they’re the worst days to tweet.

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