How to Plug-in Article Marketing to Hubpages’ Viral Nature is actually a strong rival of Squidoo. And, such as Squidoo, Search engines like HubPages.

Certainly, Google not too long ago dropped the rankings of Squidoo webpages, but HubPages have continued to be a Google favorite.

Thus if you are employing article marketing in your online enterprise, you should be thinking seriously about leveraging the traffic potential offered by HubPages.


The following is the exact formula for mastering HubPages…

[STEP 1]: Run extensive keyword research campaigns and then produce content.

The methods related to researching keywords and phrases and producing content material around them overlap with what we’ve reviewed in the previous post about Squidoo article marketing. Make sure you consult that post for in-depth directions.

This task involves:

Writing brief content articles (referred to as “capsules”) tailored to your chosen (preferably) long-tail keywords. The post can average around three hundred to six hundred words.

Producing videos leveraging your already made content article. These videos will then be inserted into your hubpage.

On-page optimizing your hubpages for SEO purposes, with special care directed towards the headline, subheadlines, URL and tagging.

Inserting relevant RSS feeds of your correspondent blog category.

Insider’s Tip: Should you ever need some assistance identifying profitable niches, HubPages can render some pretty pertinent alternatives with it’s Idea Bank section.

This is essentially a big list of queries posted by HubPages users. Even though not every query will match a lucrative niche market, the Idea Bank feature is jam packed with niche ideas that you can investigate.

Here is an illustration of the sorts of inquiries you can find…

Your Outbound HubPages Backlinks

The major distinction between Squidoo and HubPages is that HubPage moderators are significantly rigid regarding your posts and outbound links.

More specifically, your hubpage could get “flagged” and set aside if you’ve excessively linked to a certain domain name. The syntagm they use is overly promotional.

Listed here are a handful of basic recommendations you can stick to in order to avoid having your HubPage disabled and placed under evaluation:

Submit a maximum of 2 backlinks pointing to the same website.

Refrain from using affiliate links. As an alternative, direct your readers to your own pre-selling website first.

Steer clear of backlinking straight to product or service selling pages, unless of course the merchandise is actually extremely related to the excellent content material you’ve assembled within your hubpage.

Preferably, your outbound links should reference additional content-packed websites. Your (whitehat) site might be such an option.

If uncertain, be subdued… and view it from the HubPages moderator’s perspective. They wish to be regarded by Google as an authority site with relevant and unique content only. For them to achieve and maintain this desiderate – to remain competitive for solid platforms such as – must assure their own members are producing valuable content with no trace of blatant self promotional interests mixed in between.

These types of rigorous regulations, although are giving you a hard time openly promoting your offers, in the long haul prove to be beneficial for your presence in Hubpages … due to the fact that Google appreciates their high quality standards (which eventually lead to favoring HubPages in Squidoo’s detriment). Of course you have the option of working with an article submission software to blast your articles to hundreds of article directories. Note, though that not all these places justify the effort of producing unique content exclusively for them. Stick with only the prominent platforms.

Let’s get into more depth about how to get article marketing to power your hubpages with the second part of this guide.

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