Converting Article Marketing Content Into High Perceived Value Youtube Videos

Article marketing is not only about publishing your text based articles to ADs, posting them on your blog or other Web 2.0 platforms like Squidoo and HubPages. You can actually use the article, to produce brief, informative videos and let them loose on Youtube and other video directories.

Let me reveal how to attract tons of views for just about any video you produce and put up on Youtube.

[STEP 1]: Make your video.

The first thing, obviously, is to identify a lucrative niche… and once done, compose content articles associated with it. Since you are not utilizing textual content, you don’t have to be concerned with keyword density or any other on-page factors as you normally would with traditional written information.

Rather, you should concentrate on acquiring or producing video articles around hot subject matters, subjects with a high doze of controversy or even pungent facet, interesting and enjoyable content, and so on. Your future video should get people referring it, spreading its URL, embedding it on community forums, and so on. Mundane article videos just won’t receive views.

Tip: Some skilled video marketers state that their content is so great that visitors will watch it despite the fact that the recording quality is inferior. That could be true. However do not set such a low target to shoot at with your your video marketing.

Alternatively, produce them with superior video and audio gear, superior illumination, and a refined script. If folks discuss videos with poor sound and image, just imagine how trilled you can get them being about your top class video productions.

2nd point: The video clips must be really brief, running between twenty seconds to a minute or two. Pass this recommended length and your target audience will be much less qualified to watch it… not to mention passing it to their own groups. Active individuals will spot its duration and may well neglect it simply because they are not willing to invest more than a minute or so.

In case you happen to own a lot of written content, then consider turning this information into a video series of small videos.

Insider’s Tip: Should you produce several related videos, then you’ll want to upload them all on YouTube on a single day.

Established video article marketers expand the release frame of their videos so that expectation is accumulated. The way I see it? Of course, this tactic may perform on your own blog or even better with your personal email list. Still, on YouTube this will prevent you from building up an audience… if they can’t watch the whole video series in one go chances are that they won’t remember to come back and check out your channel or simply browse for those related, upcoming videos.

Consider this: Your prospective client is only hot Right Now as he is discovering your video. Provide them with the complete series to nourish their need for immediate gratification and you stand a far better chance to make a sale or generate a new subscriber to your mailing list.

Let me reveal one video marketing tip: Prior to commencing the video production, have a clear picture about what you intend to accomplish with it. Are you interested in people to purchase a product or service? Are you looking in getting people to opt in on a squeeze page? No matter what your objective might be, be sure that your video targets that specific intention.

As a general rule of thumb, for this to happen, you must supply a clear and distinctive call to action at least one time in your video (ideally at the end). This proactive approach, apart from the clear instructions must, simultaneously, provide enough compelling reasons as to why people should listen to your pitch and move in the direction you want them to go.

For instance, you might give directions for joining your list back on your site, and this can be done verbally in the video and also by watermarking the video with a call to action and a link. However to get them to react you need to place in the immediate proximity of your request the strong incentive we’ve mentioned earlier that either gives solution to a problem or sparks irresistible curiosity for your prospect.

Tip: If you are also publishing video articles on your own site, once the video ends, have the page automatically redirect to the URL where you want your prospects to go next. An old online marketing principle states that you should direct your potential clients towards your opt in form rather than directly to a sales letter. Either way, it’s your call.

Second Part of “how to market preexisting articles on YouTube” guide.

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