Google Display Advertising Making Bigger Impact on PPC Budgets

It was only a matter of time before Google’s Content/Display network would get a bigger piece of the Search Marketing Pie. For us, PPC Geeks who live in the weeds with this stuff everyday, we truly did not need a conference call from a leading Wall Street Analyst to tell us that there would be an increase in Revenues for the Display Network. We already sort of knew this based on the improvements Google has been making to their platform over the past months and years, as well as the natural shift in the search marketing industry as a whole. But, in an interesting article written by Seth Weintraub from entitled “Google Display to account for 10% of Google’s revenue?”, it just fortifies what we have seen “behind the scenes”, but also opens the door to other ideas and business strategies.

According to Weintraub’s interview with Susquehanna’s Mariane Wolk, “Exiting recent meetings with Google’s display ad team, we have increased confidence in Google’s long-term growth from display ads. As it approaches 10% of gross revenue, we could see Google break out this high growth part of its business – a catalyst for the shares as it debunks the bear “single-product” thesis.” We recently met with several members of the Display and YouTube teams from Google and found the business is bigger and growing faster than we thought.”

So what does this mean to us PPC Marketers? It means we have to “fish where the fish are”, add the Display Network as vital part of the PPC Strategy and to monetize everything on the client’s website to maintain an accurate level of attribution. However, we also have to be mindful of the validity of these revenue numbers by Google, as there is still a ton of concern over ClickFraud.

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    [...] The typical path after your ad is clicked-on is to visit possibly your primary website or maybe the new style of squeeze page required by Google. You are highly discouraged from presenting a single page landing page using Adwords, but there are actually options for that. The different landing page will have links to information, and you just need to do a little more, today. So first, the one who just clicked on your ad comes with specific expectations. You may very well be thinking that everyone would normally do that, but we know for a fact everybody doesn’t necessarily do it. [...]

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