One of Twitter’s Biggest Secrets – Building a Large and Responsive Followers List

The name of the game with Twitter is building a large and responsive followers list. It’s that simple. I mean… if you want to use Twitter as a dependable traffic source for your online business.

And the Surest Way to building a list of followers is to follow first – that if be any chance you’re not already a celebrity :)

At the time of this writing, Twitter has enforced a spam prevention rule that dictates you can follow up to 2000 people without anyone following you back. In order to bypass this limitation the ratio between those 2000 people you follow and those who follow you back should be of 10% or lower. In other words, if you’ve just started a twitter account, in order to take off this 2000 followers cap, you must be followed by at least 1800.

So, what’s the best following program you should use?

The most cautious approach dictates you start by following 50 people a day until you get to 500 and then continue with 10% of your list a day. Give three to four days for people to follow you back. If they don’t reciprocate delete them so you maintain a decent ratio between following and followers.

A rather bold conduct, which by the way seems to fit in Twitters regulation is to start strong with 200 to 300 following actions a day and, once surmounted the 2000 limit going up to 1000 people followed per day. This is really easy to implement if you outsource your twitter account management.

What people to follow?

As an (obvious) rule of thumb you want to build an audience ideally with targeted followers; and the way to do that is to target people by representative keywords for the niche you’re in.

Some great places to look for people to follow:

1. – This is a search engine that tracks Twitter tweets. Just type in a keyword and the SE retrieves all the latest tweets that mention your query.

Look for ongoing conversations. Not only you’ll get two potential followers with one shot but even start building a concrete, live relationship with them right away.

Another thing to pay attention to is the number of individuals your potential follower is following. The smaller the number that greater chances your tweets have to remain for prolonged periods of time in his public timeline.

People who are active (judged by number of tweets) and still with a limited following list are generally the most responsive.

2. – also referred to as the yellow pages of Twitter – out of twitter’s 50 mil. members they’ve indexed around 4 mil. of them. Great resource to find and follow people in your niche in BUlk. Literally. Just type in the right category and be exposed to an wide repertoire of individuals to follow. similar directory is This can be addressed to supplement twellow’s “selection ground”.

To improve personal visibility in such directories, include some keywords in the Bio section. Go to Mashable for Fifteen Twitter Directories Compared.

3. snipe your competitor/colleague’s own followers lists (Twitter is an open source platform as apposed to Facebook, for example) – jot down the successful individuals in your niche and consult their followers lists; same strategy can be applied with service providers and stores that sell your (type of) product.

Start following first people that show up in followers list because they’re the ones that followed most recently and should be most responsive.

4. with – enable auto-follow and auto-unfollow feature for your account. With this you’ll automatically follow accounts that follow you and unfollow those who stop following you.

To recap lost time ’til reading this tip, go to twitter karma and can follow from there those who followed you; at the time of this writing, unfollowing people in bulk with twitter karma isn’t available anymore due to twitter new anti-spam measures.

Right time to follow

There are some differences depending on the niche.

As a general rule best times to follow people is in the afternoons from 1pm to 3pm and in the evenings from 6pm to 10pm.

Following people in the morning is generally a waste of time, time that could be better spent finding stuff to tweet.

The best time of the week to follow is in the weekends – Fridays and (especially) Saturdays and Sundays.

Take note that this timing doesn’t apply to all social interaction made on Twitter, such as retweeting or direct messaging.

I suggest getting involved into a conversation with the guy before following him. Acting in this manner will increase your chances of getting a follow back.

As a matter of fact, by blindly following a certain number of twitter users has a return on investment of approximately 30% as compared with following after an initial interaction that ensures around 60% follow back rate.

Complementary methods of attracting Twitter followers:

-include your twitter URL on your hands out, newsletters, website and other Social Media platforms (with a twitter badge. free to use);

-mention your twitter activity on business websites, personal blogs;

-list yourself in twitter directories like,;

-get retweeted (as often as possible).

Have something to add? Please leave your own experience in a comment below and I’ll make it public the second I read it.

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