7 Ways to Get Your Marketing Tweets Qualified on the Retweet Roller Coaster

In the world of Twitter, it’s one thing to write your own Tweets and send them out to your followers, and it’s a completely different thing to then got those followers and their followers and on down the line to Retweet what you originally posted.

When you can do this effectively, you will be creating a huge snowball effect that builds up your base even farther, enables you to reach a much larger audience, adds to your reputation and authority and drives more traffic to your website and intended destination.

Of course, getting Retweeted is often easier said than done. Therefore it’s important that you learn how to do this for yourself, so you can begin to see all of these great benefits and advantages.

Once you learn a few basic techniques, guidelines and fundamentals you should find that your Tweets get Retweeted far more commonly, and the success you see from that will help you grow in more ways than ever before.

Fundamentals of Re-tweet Mechanism

1. Be Relevant - The number 1 factor for determining what gets Retweeted and what does not is how relevant the post is to the follower.

If the person finds a relevant Tweet, and thinks that his followers will also find it relevant as is often the case, then he or she will be much more likely to share it.

That anecdote about you at the coffee shop yesterday morning might get a few chuckles and make you more personable and “real”, but it’s certainly not relevant and it certainly won’t get Retweeted or help you build your base.

2. Link to Something – Nearly 60% of Retweets include a link to something else.

That’s because there’s only so much of value that can really be shared in such a little spac as you have on Twitter.

Therefore, the real Tweets that are most valuable are the ones that point users in the direction of a place where they can find something else that’s valuable and worthwhile, whether it’s educational, humorous or anything else.

3. Break the News – If you’re the first to break the news about something or you can at least make it seem like you are, then your message will get passed around and passed around quickly.

This doesn’t have to be breaking the news about some celebrity or politician, it can be breaking the news about anything relevant to you, your industry or niche and your audience.

That’s a new product, something that happened at a conference, a major sale or anything else.

4. Be Funny – Everybody loves something that’s funny, particularly to help break up a long day at work.

That means even if you have a group of followers who are colleagues and professionals, you can still reach out to them effectively with humor.

They’ll be more likely to check out what else you have to say as well if you can lighten things up every once and a while.

5. Make it Exclusive – People share and Retweet things that they think other people may not have seen, or that they feel puts them on the inside-track for information.

So give your Tweets and your posts a sense of authority and can’t miss status. “You won’t believe what our new study says” followed by a link to it for example, or “don’t miss this can’t crazy deal before it runs out tonight” with a link to that as well.

6. Share the Love – Reciprocity isn’t everything, but it certainly doesn’t hurt.

If you Retweet what other people have to say, then you help to grow your credibility, reputation and your engagement with the community. All of this will make others more likely to Retweet what you have to say as well.

7. Track and Compare – As you would do with any of your online marketing, make sure you track your results so you can compare different strategies for what works best for you.

Once you find a pattern for what produces the most results – maybe Tweets that include links to blog posts on your site that are sent out Friday afternoon for example – then you can keep going with those and find new approaches that work great as well.

As you can see, there are many different ways to go about getting yourself Retweeted. A lot of simply starts with high quality and relevancy, and from there you’ll see some more specific approaches that you can take to find success as well.

Remember every audience is different, so track your own results and find what works best with your group of followers so you can continue pushing those same buttons over and over again.

´╗┐What about you? What are your secret ingredients that seem to get your message Retweeted?

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