Internet Marketing Advantage Review

The Internet Marketing Advantage or IMA is brought to you by Steve Clayton as well as Tim Godfrey. Tim and Steve have notched up some previous successes in the last couple of years such as their Niche Blueprint and Commission Blueprint internet marketing membership schemes. However, what you may not be conscious of is their membership website that gathers momentum month by month. The members area of the IM Advantage website pulls no punches and contains 200 top quality training videos and more that 80 step by step training manuals – actually everything that Steve and Tim use as lucrative internet marketer’s.

So what exactly is inside IMA and how can it enable you to become much more successful online. Since the doors were first opened to members, training materials, resources as well as software have been updated and expanded to meet the growing demand and to reflect changing marketing developments.

One of the challenges of a site like this is always to make it easy for the user to navigate their way around and to make it easy to locate what you are looking for. It probably is impossible for any site to become a one stop source for anybody wanting to succeed on the internet but IMA makes a very good effort at doing just that.

We can conveniently examine the material under two headings: first of all, training as well as tutorials followed by tools and software. It’s worth pointing out that the newest updates are conspicuously displayed on the IMA homage which is a good way of keeping participants informed of developments.

So if something is trending or Steve and Tim have added some new resource you can easily see exactly what these latest updates are. The depth of material covered in the tutorials and training section is actually quite impressive and could be separate training courses in their own right. Examples of these comprehensively covered subjects are eCommerce, social networking, email marketing as well as affiliate marketing.

If you look inside some of these training areas you will discover complete programs such as Commission Blueprint 2.0 and Niche Blueprint 2.0 which were released originally as complete instruction programs in their own right. Steve and Tim are also very proud of the fact that they have launched their own collection of software and tools that can take proper care of tasks such as keyword research and backlinks.

Now you might not find you have the need for all of these and may possess some preferred tools you currently use. However, to have these all accessible within a single membership is both valuable as well as convenient.

Now if you are completely new to internet marketing maybe you will find everything that is accessible here a little overwhelming. The temptation is to make an attempt to take a look at everything at once.

The advice here would be to first visit another section on the website called the newbie action plan. If you still find yourself scratching your head there is a useful forum where you could find a solution.

For a monthly fee you will be able to master lots of strategies and tips directly from two very experienced internet marketer’s with a customer care system that is second to none.

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