The Easy Way to Convert Your Blog Visitors into Regular Readers

Certain blogs have qualities that motivate visitors to frequently come back, and these blogs don’t ever have to worry about lack of traffic. If you want your blog to be able to attract return visitors this way, the following guidelines will be helpful.Always Write With the Human Reader in Mind: While you can’t ignore the search engines, you have to remember that it’s humans who will actually be reading your content. Human readers are going to read, like and spread the word about your blog, not the search engine spiders. Yet many blog owners focus almost all their attention on writing for the search engines, thinking about things like keywords and SEO.

Thinking about your keywords and other SEO factors is fine, as long as you realize that your readers must come first. You need to focus on writing for your human readers so that they like and share your blog posts on the web. It’s preferable to choose your keywords prior to actually creating your content. Once you’re done writing your post the way you want, and after ensuring that it’s appealing, go ahead and optimize it with your selected keywords. Add as many keywords as you want, so long as doing so doesn’t ruin the way the post sounds.

Handle Your Email: If your goal is to turn your blog traffic into permanent traffic, then make sure that you read the emails of this new traffic. It might seem hard to respond to all of your emails, but it can be done. If you are a newbie blogger, you probably don’t have that many emails yet. This is important because each person who emails you is expecting something in return.

If you help this person and answer their email, then they will most likely become a regular reader. Many times you might get emails from people who need help with their problems. This could be on the exact topic as your post. Remember, that you are being tested and the better your answer, the better impression you will provide. Your reader may just end up liking your answer so much that he/she not only becomes a regular reader, but also recommends your blog to others.


Make the Experience Valuable: Pay attention to giving your readers a good experience by making the time spent on your blog wonderful. Your blog visitors should be able to get something magnificent from every one of your posts. A good idea is to produce a section that shows all of your favorite posts so that first time readers can see them when they arrive on your site. This is so that they can scan the better posts of your blog. This will obviously give them a clear idea as to the kind of value they’ll be getting in the future. All in all, make things special by making the experience memorable.


If you look closer, you will find that unpopular blogs do not build up a huge readership because they are taking their readers for granted. You must do all that is possible to make your blog visitors happy so that you readership will grow and your blog will become very prosperous.


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