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Ok, since Milan Kosanovic seems to have abandoned one great project called Automatic Article Submission (which – by the way – held the frontline in “article submission” niche market for the last two years), it’s time to move on and re-evaluate our options.Luckily, I managed to find the perfect match and it’s called Article Marketing Robot. You must be wondering how this tool can help YOU strengthen your article marketing campaigns.

For starters, it comes with account creation & confirmation feature along with an article rewriter interface. But the feature where this tool really shines is the submission process process itself.

Let me tell you what I mean:

  • comes with a Huge database of article directories, structured by platform (wordpress, article friendly, article dashboard, etc.), along with PageRank, Health State and other similar stats. Of course, a sufficient number of them are dead but you still can submit to about 2000 directories, with many of them being auto-approved
  • permits importing new article directory lists or your personal site network to submit to automatically;
  • no supplemental browsing windows when submission process is running;
  • great functionality – the software works at a push of a button, smoothly, without any crashes or unexpected errors – Disclaimer:  this is the way I experience it;
  • provides ACCURATE submission reports.

Given its versatility (huge database of ADs along with the handy option for customization) and streamlined submission process Article Marketing Robot is the perfect replacement for online submission services that don’t come cheap especially for those on a budget.

Speaking of money, Article Marketing Robot comes with a 5 days Free Trial Period (no credit card required), than a one time payment of $97, with a 60 days money back guarantee, NO QUESTIONS ASKED. (So, if you were to ask me, if you’re really determined to acquire a powerful article submission software, there’s really no impediment to give it a try).

On the other side what’s not so great about this software is its interface that seemed intricate when first introduced to the software.  But after two submissions I got the hang of it and really boosted by article distribution.

Another downside that can’t be ignored is the fairly large number of article directories that are already dead, but as stated above, you can easily get 1500-2000 successful submissions which is an ABSOLUTELY UNBEATABLE figure considering other competitive products available on the market today.

If you can’t afford a monthly subscription fee in a specialized article distribution service, Article Marketing Robot is the perfect solution for your needs, whether your looking to build massive (No hype!) amounts of backlinks or just targeting referral traffic.

If I aroused your interest for Article Marketing Robot,

go see it in action and check out what others have to say about it.









Take a look at these unbiased reviews and comparisons for three of the biggest article submission software options, Automatic Article Submitter, Article Post Robot and Article Submitter Platinum before spending any money.

Automatic Article Submitter

The Automatic Article Submitter is rapidly becoming one of the most widely used article submission software tools available today.

This is because users are quickly spreading the word about the many powerful features it carries.

For example, one of the main highlights of this program that you’ll enjoy is that the program will create the accounts for you on all of the different directories.

The program even answers your confirmation emails so you don’t have to waste any time clicking thousands of links.

There are more than 300 directories included in the program.

The other two alternatives presented below offer more directories than Automatic Article Submitter does, however AAS focuses on quality and the list is being regularly updated.

You’ll also be able to post articles to your own blogs hosted by free services like WordPress and Blogger. This offers you added flexibility and distribution power.

You will also be able to instantly analyze the keyword optimization of each article which ultimately leads you to maximizing the relevancy and positioning in SE’s organic listings.

In the fully automated operating mode you’ll be delivered in real time the actual submission confirmations of your articles, so that you can rest easy knowing they actually went through.

Here are some more features and a basic overview of what to expect:

  • Automatic Article Submitter has a one-time cost of $97 (this may be raised to $127 down the line)
  • There are more than 300 directories included, and all of them are managed, up-to-date and high quality sources
  • Receive confirmations from your submissions so you know they were successful
  • Creates and confirms your accounts at the directories automatically
  • Manual article rewrite capabilities
  • Spell checks and analyzes your articles for keywords
  • Can submit articles to your own blogs as well
  • Ongoing updates, extended service guarantee

Article Post Robot

Article Post Robot is well known for a few different reasons, one of them being it’s over 500 syndication points that include article directories and mailing lists. Plus you have the  possibility of adding your own preferred submission sites for an extra added reach of your content.

Article Post Robot also provides strong customer support and software upgrades and notifications.

Here is an overview of this article submission software:

  • Article Post Robot costs $127 to purchase
  • Provides access to 450 directories and over 50 mailing lists, which are always updated
  • One button submission process
  • Add your own sites to the list for submissions
  • Technical support and software update notifications – (not to often but they do exist)

Article Submitter Platinum

Many online marketers use Article Submitter Platinum as their first choice for article submission software. It has built up a very strong reputation mostly through it’s designer and World Class Marketer Brad Callen.

With Article Submitter Platinum you can submit to hundreds of directories at once with just one click, which saves you a lot of time and hassle, and makes article marketing easy.

The list of article directories is very large, and tens of thousands of (article) marketers have trusted this tool so far to help have the distribution side taken care of.

Article Submitter Platinum is the most expensive of the three options but many people swear by it and think it still provides a great value for the price.

Take a quick peek at the many features provided by Article Submitter Platinum:

  • Article Submitter Platinum costs $167 to purchase
  • Over 374 directories are included
  • 210 directories can be submitted to with one click
  • Fast and automated submission process
  • Software updates are provided

The Conclusion

Ultimately, each of these three article submission software options have different strengths and weaknesses. For example, Article Post Robot has the largest number of directories included and has a one button submission process and rotating options.

Article Submitter Platinum also has one click, initiate-and-forget, article submission process. Automatic Article Submitter has account creation and management features, keyword analyzing and submission confirmations.

When you compare them each head to head, the WINNER must be the Automatic Article Submitter. Here’s the proof:

The DIRECTORY LIST is made up from TOPNOTCH Platforms and those that remain behind are rapidly erased and replace with new and promising ones. Other great features include your easy and automatic handling of account creation, article submission confirmations and keyword analytic feature.

You’ll also enjoy great ongoing service with an extended guarantee and regular updates and upgrades. I mean… it’s developer – Milan Kosanovic will address your issues in a matter of hours.

Not to mention that between the three candidates it has the lowest upfront price tag. My own experience  showed that it’s the easiest to use and WILL save a great deal hours allotted for the article submission process .

For all of these reasons and more that will be easily discovered in the first test run, the best option from all these three article submission software choices is hands down the Automatic Article Submitter.

You won’t necessarily go wrong with any of these article submission software tools, but a detailed look to all three shows that Automatic Article Submitter offers the most for the least.

Go and try Automatic Article Submitter for a full 90 DAYS MONEY BACK no question asked GUARANTEED by Plimus E-commerce system !


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4 Comments For This Post

  1. vijay Says:

    Is there any trial version of “Automatic article submitter”?

  2. Cristian Says:

    It’s a 90 days money back no questions asked period.

  3. Chris Says:

    Hi There,

    I am currently looking into an article submission service to help promote my websites. As you will know there are an abundance of them and I am getting a little lost in the information.

    Could you please help me with the following

    I need a service that can do the following:
    Spin the articles as it submits
    able to set up seperate accounts as I have a number of websites plus some friends with websites that want me to look after theirs
    produce results and links to allow me or others to check the articles are really there

    Also I have noticed that some are one off payments of around $100 yet some are monthly payments of around $80. Can you advise on which I should go for.



  4. Cristian Says:

    Spin the articles as it submits
    Automatic article submitter does just that – it has a platform for spinning articles that also randomizes them in the submission process
    able to set up seperate accounts
    with AAS you can create as many pen names as you want. It also offers a comprehensive layout for smart and fast management of them.
    produce results and links
    In full automatic mode AAS let’s you know the exact message you’ll be getting in the mail box if you were to make the submission manually. A complete chart with failed/success submission will be given to you once the submission is over. In semi-automatic mode, you’ll have complete control over each submission interface of each Article Directory. The required fields (title, summary, article body, resource box) are filled automatically with a push of a button.
    some are one off payments of around $100 yet some are monthly payments of around $80
    If you have the budget for it I’ll go for a live service like Unique Article Wizzard ($60/month). If not if I were you I’d look for a reliable software that also gets frequent updates all for a one time fee – pay&forget, as they say. And my recommendation is Automatic Article Submitter.

    Hope this helps. If you need further questions, please ask them here.

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