How To Uncover Your Competitor’s Best Kept Secrets

People new to affiliate marketing usually fail in the area of exploring niche markets. This is critically important because picking the wrong market, or keywords for a market, will simply doom you to failure and lost time. If you pursue a market that is poor, then it really does not matter what product or service you promote.

Even if you are an expert at niche research, we will bet you’d probably love to have all of that prepared for you. Micro Niche Espionage is a membership service offering completely researched micro niches that are ripe for uncomplicated rankings in the various search engines. So it’s clear that this is certainly valuable for internet marketers regardless of practical knowledge.

The developers desired to uncover phrases, and markets, that are not full of levels of competition plus are viable for making money. The amounts of keywords that one could benefit from are at minimum in the billions. But they wanted to find those phrases that were not crushed to death by a million other businesses.

When all the smoke cleared away, their long list of keywords and phrases number about 500,000 phrases. They wisely continue to analyze marketplaces and claim they are constantly contributing to it. What could attract so many is they offer keywords by which you will have a fighting possiblity to make it to Google’s 1st page relatively easily. Consequently there are plenty of possibilities here for all sorts of business models like affiliate and contextual ads.

Their standard methodology included using the well-known parameters for niche market researching wth SEO in mind. First, they only looked at page 1 of search records from Google. Then they analyzed them for pagerank, volume of inbound links, domain name age, quantity of PPC ads (Adwords) for profitability purposes and many other factors. Then they logically checked all the sites for the presence of the authority type of sites which are challenging to compete against. Rank Magnets is phrase used to describe those huge authority sites on page one which may be hard to out rank.

For everybody who is just starting out, then you definitely want to refrain from head-to-head competition with those authority sites.

But there is more they examined for when creating this super list of keywords.

They do explain the following was performed post-Google Keyword Tool upgrading. They checked out exact match volumes for both global and local search. Supplemental screens were set for the very best in terms of Adwords CPC, Adsense EPC along with available exact match domain names.

When you glance at the support area for Micro Niche Espionage, you will see plenty of helpful resources. You can read articles, PDF tutorials as well as training videos in addition to a great deal more. They do have an affiliate program, and lots of Q and A’s for administrative issues like billing, etc. They spend some time to describe all the key elements used and why it is crucial, as well.

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