Squidoo Marketing – Part 2

Hope you’ve digested the first 3 steps of this Squidoo marketing guide. Let’s move on.

[4] Publish topic-related content on your own website.

Squidoo Favors outbound linking – and in fact promotes the practice!

You ought to produce landing pages on your personal site (or weblog) which are especially customized to each lens you build.

Certainly, you can set up individual landing pages for every module or brief article you submit on your lens. This way you’re targeting your visitors much better – which always translates into more subscribers and sales.

Insider’s Tip: Even when you didn’t creat targeted landing pages, you can generate multiple tracking links throughout your lens. Doing this you are able to monitor which parts of your lens are generating the most clicks and conversions.

[5] Market your lens.

It seems that traffic begets traffic when marketing your business with Squidoo lenses – meaning the more traffic you drive to them, the more traffic you’re prone to get as a result of higher Squidoo rankings.

However, certainly this is a fine line you have to walk. You really don’t want to market your Squidoo lens more than your personal webpages. Your lens must remain an advertising tool, not the webpage you invest all of your time marketing to the exclusion of your site.

As a result, you should direct your attention towards these elements of promotion:

SEO, considering that your Squidoo lens pages will probably rank higher than your own webpages, particularly for long-tail keywords.

Working with Squidoo’s inner marketing components, like rankings, refering and linking to other lenses.

Along with other simple ways of marketing that don’t demand a great deal of time or cash on your part, like advertising your Squidoo lens on you blog.

Below are a selection of specific methods to promote your Squidoo lens…

Make an effort for the Top 100 list on Squidoo.

Exactly what do your Squidoo visitors desire? Supply it to them, and you are on the right path to making an excellent lens.

While you enhance your lens, add information, revise and update regularly and build up lots of positive ratings, you may find yourself in the Top 100 list – if not the general list, then probably the Top 100 list for your category-niche.

Tip: Obtaining great ratings is crucial. Do not leave it to chance – Request them. Request them on your lens. Request them on your blog. Request them anytime you email somebody regarding your lens, point it out on forums, or any other promotional context you find yourself.

Submit your lens to the “Lens of the Day.”

Don’t submit your lens the same day you published it. Rather, delay until you’ve created a great lens and also have began receiving positive ratings. Once you own a lens that appears as competitive if not better than preceding lenses that formed the list, submit yours as a candidate – and if your lens is selected, you’ll obtain a site-wide promotion. To submit it for consideration, email it to: [email protected]

If your lens is approved, it shows up on everyone’s Squidoo dashboard, be listed in the “Lens of the Day” newsletter… and introduced at the “Squidoo Lens of the Day” blog as show here:

  • Share your lens with everyone.

Notify every person by every method you can, such as:

Emailing friends.

Emailing your list if you’re building one.

Blog about your Squidoo lens.

Publish your Squidoo lens on other Web 2. platforms like Facebook.com, Twitter.com and similar.

Bookmark your Squidoo lens on social bookmarking platforms. Start with the trio Del.ico.us, Digg.com, StumbleUpon.

Advertize your new Squidoo lens to your forum friends.

In a nutshell, notify everyone you know. And wheresoever appropriate, ask visitors to rate your lens!

Start generating backlinks to your lens.

A link building campaign should target both technicall SEO considerations,a constant stream of qualified human visitors ready to buy.

If concerning about link sources, here are some:

Publish theme-related content articles to ADs like GoArticles and EzineArticles. Embed a backlink to your Squidoo page, making certain the anchor text contains your chosen keywords. Use an article submission software to improve your market expansion.

Submit your link on topic-related forums with your signature line.

Use your link when commenting on related blogs. The way to do it is by discretely using keywords in the “required” fields.

Publish your link on your own blog/static site

Whenever appropritate (relevancy and qualilty partners) trade links with webmasters.

Submit your Squidoo lens link to niche-specific directories.

Re-publish your Squidoo lens link on your own sites. Take note that these lenses will be excluded from Google’s index due to off-site duplicate content exception.

Ask your friends and relations to embed your link on any blogs or social networking account they control.

Embed bcklinks to your lens in any free giveaway ebooks and reports.

Advertise your links in free classified ads, like Craigslist.com and USFreeAds.com.

The big No, No’s are link farms and dodgy linking partnerships. Links from this web corners will reflect poorly on your lens… and on Squidoo account as a whole.

Self-promote your lens leveraging Squidoo’s inner marketing tools.

There are lots of techniques to market your lens webpages right from inside Squidoo. We’ve previously highlighted some of them, like submitting your lens to the “Lens of the Day”. Here are even more alternatives to help you start generating streams of visitors to your Squidoo real estates…

Link exchanges with other Lensmasters, ensuring that you go after relevancy by exchanging links with those that speak on your subjects of interest. This alternative is known as “lensrolling,” derived, of course, the term “blogrolling”.

Also link collectively and lensroll all of your own lenses!

Comment on other lenses. Most lens have a blog-type structure that permit you to comment on their content. Go on and do so – and then place a backlink to your lens. However make sure to comment considerately so your comments stick and pass lensmaster’s inspection.

Insider’s Tip: Comment on the Lens of the Day, as this one will get huge exposure. Also, you should consider commenting on top lenses in your niche-category.

Create subject-related Squidoo Groups. Squidoo permits its members to initiate groups tied by their common interests. To get more exposure, join niche groups… and/or start building your own!

Be active on the SquidU.com forums (AKA Lensmaster Lounge). http://www.squidu.com/forum/

the final step, will be discussed in part 3. Stay tuned.

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