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Are You Missing Out on the True Meaning of Twitter?

I’ve decided to make an appeal to reason for all those who are constantly flooding my email address with their business opportunity pitches. Joining the network marketers community on Twitter I think it as having a different objective than that of just being exposed to a whole range of BizzOpps.

And this objective is to colaborate and share ideas and useful resources without necesarly sticking an affiliate link in each tweet we make. Only after you’ve brought your personal share of value to the table for the entire community, are you entitled to discuss business. and not the other way around.

One thing I’m absolutely certain about – 70% of all network marketers on Twitter are not interested in anyone else’s business opportunity. This can be seen clearly on how just about every network marketer behaves, more explicitly, what are they tweeting about ?; and Guess what? THEIR own “kick ass” Business Opportunity. That’s the only business they’re interested in.
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