Article Resource Box | 8 Street Smart Copywriting Tips (Part 2 of Article Marketing Flagship Content Series)

It’s one thing to start writing and distributing considerable amounts of articles, and it’s a whole different story turning those articles into a cash pulling machine. One of the biggest difference is the quality of your article resource boxes used.

If you master the art of creating a fantastic article resource box, then you’ll be able to greatly enhance conversion rates.

Use these 8 Expert Tips to start writing Street Smart article resource boxes:

1. Dangle the Carrot: Remember that your resource box should be building interest in something.

You want to be offering some kind of bonus, incentive or otherwise highly compelling reason for people to click on the link.

Make them interested, and ensure them that the solution they’re seeking is awaiting them at the next website once they take action and click.

2. Don’t Overly Personalize: Far too many people ruin their article resource box by talking about their own lives too much.

It’s fine and even recommended to mention your relevant experience in your area of expertise or niche.

But when you start to drone on about everything you’ve done in your life, places you’ve traveled, the size of your family, the pets that you own, you’re only boring people and sending them running.

Stick to providing people with what they are most interested in, and avoid getting too personal or detailed.

3. Complete the Article: The ideal article resource box is one that is a natural continuation of the article above it.

It shouldn’t stand out as being completely separate. It should be on topic, and if read from the end of your article straight to the resource box, it should be smooth flowing.

This helps with consistency and really drives home your key message and other important points.

4. Call to Action: The call to action is of course one of the most important elements to an article resource box.

You really need to be pushing people in the direction you want them to go and that is your converting landing pages.

Don’t leave it up to them to decide if they want to take action, strongly encourage and direct them to do so. This is a highly important and often overlooked step.

5. Cite some Stats: If you have any great stats or other numbers you can cite in your resource box, then you absolutely should.

For example, if you have helped get 200 people and their websites to be ranked #1 on Google, say that.

Or if you lost 100 lbs in a year and want to show people how to do it for themselves, do that as well. Numbers and statistics are very convincing and help to garner interest.

It will also help you to build up legitimacy, trust and respect.

6. Offer Different Avenues: You goal is to drive traffic to your website, but not everybody wants to go there.

That’s why you can differentiate between your offering to monitor conversion rates and stick with the ones that work best. For example, include links back to one of your informative content webpages, but then also use links to effective sales pages and opt-in email address so people can sign up for your list directly.

Referring the SE optimization aspect, you may use one anchor text link and one link that’s your website address written out. This lets them choose the route they are most comfortable taking.

7. Optimize your Keywords: Of course, when you create an anchor text link, which is one of the key points to an article resource box, you need to make sure you get the right words in there.

The words you use should be specific keywords and phrases you’re trying to rank for, because this adds great search engine value.

Plus, for building additional relevance build three or four versions of your resource box targeting different variantions of the primary keyword.

Next, upload these resource box variations into an article submission software and syndicate your (spinned) article to multiple syndication points.

8. Experiment and Test: Not every strategy works great for every niche, and every different situation.

That means you have to experiment with different writing styles, and incorporate some new variables into other resources to produce the best results and find a winning combination.

For example, for one market a short and sweet two sentence resource box might be perfect, but in other niches a longer paragraph with more information is useful and generates higher click-thru rates.

So try out different combinations, keep track of your results and optimize your article resource box as much as possible.

To summarize what we’ve gone through in this article:

  • Don’t write about yourself. Bribe readers to click!
  • Try to offer something FREE in your resource box or build a good enough reason to click.
  • Find out the perfect length! As a general rule of thumb, The Ideal length is about 3 or 4 lines.
  • Use the maximum number of allowed links.
  • Use one keyword anchor text link and one full URL.
  • Test different resource boxes.

What are Your Own sneaky copywriting schemes to generate the click in the article resource box?

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