Article Syndication. Essentials Notes To Guide the Process (Part 4 of Article Marketing Flagship Content Series)

Article syndication can be a very easy and successful way to help promote your website and grow your presence in the online marketplace. With the right strategies in place, you’ll be able to build a great amount of backlinks, increase your reputation in the search engines, grow your credibility within your niche and also see a direct increase in traffic from referrals as well.

Tips for Article Syndication Through Directories

  • Always make your first priority be quality. Low quality articles may be really quick to churn out, but they won’t get picked up by publishers and therefore you’re limiting the payoff for what you submit. Therefore you want to ensure that all of your articles are unique and are top quality.
  • If you’re spinning your articles, focus on spinning them by sentence as opposed to word synonyms. If you rewrite every sentence you’ll end up with a much more unique article that will also still work on its own, as opposed to a word by word change that could create awkward sentences and still be very similar in structure and content to the original. This also means that you should spin all of your articles manually. Article spinning software often produces low quality, similar material.
  • Perform article syndication manually for the highest quality directories to ensure you get the best results from them, including referral traffic. For medium and low quality directories you can mass submit to save yourself time and effort, and in this case really just focus on obtaining all of the incoming backlinks.
  • When you’re choosing which article directories you want to spend time submitting to, pay attention not only to their PageRank but also to their Alexa traffic ranking. PageRank is a ranking for an entire website but not individual pages, but the Alexa ranking will give you a better idea of their true reach and the benefits you may be able to see for each specific article. Article directories with Alexa rankings under 100,000 should be targeted first and foremost.
  • Ensure that all of your articles are at least 500 to 550 words for article syndication. Many directories have 500 word minimums for the content they will publish, and you don’t want to have half of your submissions turned away because they are a bit too short.

Secrets for Distributing Content to Other Syndication Points

When you share content either through manual distribution and partnership with other websites and blogs, or through RSS, it’s important to follow some guidelines to ensure you see the best results as well.

  • If you’re giving other blogs the exact same articles you have on your own site, be sure to publish them on your own site first, and allow a few days for the search engines to index that article. Then you can share the content with others, and yours will be recognized as the “original” in the search engines.
  • To help keep your SEO value intact you also have to make sure that any other website or blog that publishes your content links back to the original article in question. Have the other webmasters link back to your article either with the full article title as the anchor text, or with your targeted keyword or phrase for that article.
  • To drive more traffic to your site while also protecting your optimization efforts, you can offer other blogs and sites only pieces of your complete articles. In this way they still get content to publish, but the links back to your website will have more value to visitors who want to see the rest of the story.
  • You can produce a high quality link wheel for yourself with article syndication to other platforms that you manage. Create accounts with HubPages, Squidoo, Blogger and other outlets as well and you can syndicate your content and link back to your main platform to help get a great boost in the search engines while finding new ways to funnel more traffic to your site.
  • Get the word out about your content with article syndication and RSS through social networking sites as well. Hook up your RSS feed to your Facebook and Twitter accounts, and to other services where you spend some time on promotion and growing your presence.

In terms of logistics check out what article submission software to use for powering your article distribution.

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    Some nice notes, I think I’ll begin my article syndication soon!

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