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From Capture Page to Lead Magnet with 12 Essential Tweaks and Tips

Not only your capture page must produce constant leads for your online business, but while being exploited, you should constantly improve the opt-in rate at which it operates.

In this post I’ll reveal the latest tweak arsenal which transforms the average capture page into a genuine lead magnet.

The 12 Tweaks that will skyrocket your Capture Page’s Opt-in Rate:

1. only use white, gray or light blue for your capture page background; for the data fields I suggest using yellow.

2. position the autoresponder’s capture form and all the benefits and/or bonuses that make up your “ethical bribe” above the fold. What that means is your visitor shouldn’t need to scroll down the webpage in order to see your offer. … Because 85% of people who visit your capture page won’t make the down scroll.

3. build an attention-grabing headline and write it with red, black, marron or orange (preferable for training materials), in bold fonts of Tahona, Georgia or old Times New Roman. Make crystal clear to your visitors what exactly they are going to get in exchange for their contact information.

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How to Easily Optimize Your Capture Pages for Highly Qualified Leads Generation

Whether it’s called capture page, squeeze page, simple website landing page, or simple website capture page, its sole purpose is to gather contact information of prospects in exchange for something of high perceived value. This transaction is also refered to as an ethical bribe.

When creating a capture page, the first thing that must be addressed is decide what types of leads are we going to generate with the lead capture lage.

There are four wide categories of leads to target and these are:

  • opportunity leads – people that are looking and researching the web for joining their first internet marketing opportunity or looking to join a new/another one;
  • prospects for the type of products and/or services we’re currently selling;

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