From Capture Page to Lead Magnet with 12 Essential Tweaks and Tips

Not only your capture page must produce constant leads for your online business, but while being exploited, you should constantly improve the opt-in rate at which it operates.

In this post I’ll reveal the latest tweak arsenal which transforms the average capture page into a genuine lead magnet.

The 12 Tweaks that will skyrocket your Capture Page’s Opt-in Rate:

1. only use white, gray or light blue for your capture page background; for the data fields I suggest using yellow.

2. position the autoresponder’s capture form and all the benefits and/or bonuses that make up your “ethical bribe” above the fold. What that means is your visitor shouldn’t need to scroll down the webpage in order to see your offer. … Because 85% of people who visit your capture page won’t make the down scroll.

3. build an attention-grabing headline and write it with red, black, marron or orange (preferable for training materials), in bold fonts of Tahona, Georgia or old Times New Roman. Make crystal clear to your visitors what exactly they are going to get in exchange for their contact information.

4. insert high impact bulleted points that explains in depth the benefits your visitors would receive if they subscribe. Also, the benefits contained by your bulleted points should be extremely targeted towards a narrow audience category. Insert between 3 and 4 bulleted points

5. make a strong call to action. This is translated by telling your visitors what’s the specific action they must take in order to get their valuable information. For best results, enforce your call to action by inserting different variations of it, both in the generic “submit” button and in the main text area above the opt-in form; e.g.: text above the opt-in: “insert you email and (first) name in the form below in order to get your….”; submit button: “Send My Free Report” or “Get Instant Access”. Crucial distinction concerning your call to action: wrap it into a command and not merely into a suggestion or proposal.

6. insert an image of the product that they will receive after filling the opt-in form.

7. data fields of opt-in form. You have two options: either go for the number or go for the quality, namely >

A – more fields of data to fill equals fewer leads generated but highly qualified;

B – less fields of data requested (going down to only the email address) equals more subscribtions but less targeted;

8. pay close attention to formatting. If you want your visitors to treat you like a pro and ultimately, reap all the benefits that come with this status, you should take the time and copy proof your content, standardize spacing, aligments and fonts used;

9. position the opt-in form on the right side of your capture page, preferable, under the bribe image;

10. use a PDF bonus like your main ethical bribe. If you’re inclined to think that PDFs have lost the war with Videos, know that they are coming back strong.

11. about Videos, some valuable tips: what’s converting even better than the classic videos are video screen pictures (centered “play” button included) with a prompt-in javascript to expose your visitor’s intention of watching the video; the purpose of these maneuver is to scater all doubts and simultaneously, reinforce their resolution to fill the opt-in form. Another alternative to classic videos, as stupid as it may seem… and look (because Yes! it can get ridiculos) is Cartoon Video. For more information on this topic visit

12. use arrows to guide your visitor’s sight towards the opt-in form. You can get creative and even design some large, more subtle arrows filled with killer copy and super graphics or webpage snapshots. The converging point of all the arrows must be Your Optin Form.

The most important thing to keep in mind when you first build a capture page is that 95% of its effectiveness stands in copywriting.

Sure, applying the tweaks and variations covered in this post will improve opt-in rate,  but when everything fails focus on writting highly targeted copy.

Before you optimize  the layout, make sure your capture pages are built around narrow, target markets.

Have some tweaks of your own to add? Please share them in the comments section below.

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