How to Easily Optimize Your Capture Pages for Highly Qualified Leads Generation

Whether it’s called capture page, squeeze page, simple website landing page, or simple website capture page, its sole purpose is to gather contact information of prospects in exchange for something of high perceived value. This transaction is also refered to as an ethical bribe.

When creating a capture page, the first thing that must be addressed is decide what types of leads are we going to generate with the lead capture lage.

There are four wide categories of leads to target and these are:

  • opportunity leads – people that are looking and researching the web for joining their first internet marketing opportunity or looking to join a new/another one;
  • prospects for the type of products and/or services we’re currently selling;

  • prospects for generic information (with no mention of our main products or business opportunity);
  • prospects for a specific company name that we’re promoting (products and opportunity included).

A solid marketing system will include capture pages that target all these four lead categories, but in the early stages of network marketing is best to get at least one type of squeeze page generating targeted leads and producing a constant income stream.

In order to make a capture page extremely focused towards generating a specific lead category, you must also define your specific target markets. Notice that your target markets will always gravitate around those four individual lead categories. The objective here is to minimize your cost per lead and start generating money as soon as possible.

Target market #1

people who already spend money in network marketing

This is the most important market you should focus your efforts on. You must constantly be advertising your business opportunity to people who bought one of your products or are spending money on similar products to yours in network marketing.

Target market #2

people who are curently researching your company name on the internet

These prospects are also very valuable.

They have decided upon the company with which to start their network marketing business and are curently looking for a team to join that provides three major benefits: a dependable leader, a good marketing system that produces results, great training programs and support.

Target market #3

people who intend to start a home business

These prospets haven’t started spending money in network marketing yet and are curently looking for the best opportunity to start a home business.

Despite the fact their interest to start a home business, until they don’t make a first payment in the industry they aren’t very reliable to becoming a reliable income source for your business.

Target market #4

people who are looking for your specific product

Needless to say that these are your hottest leads when selling products

Target market #5

people who use related products or services to yours

Buying related products or services, these prospects should be your primary focus when building a capture page to generate prospects to promote your products to.

Target market #6

people looking for a solution to their problem

These prospects are similar with those in Target Market #3, except the last ones are looking to solve a financial problem.

For generating these leads, on your capture page you must offer some sort of valuable informational material, for free or at a minimum cost, that gives a real solution to their problems and simultaneously promotes your product as being a part of that solution.

Bottom line… Build your capture page around a very specific, narrow lead category in order to have an increase in quality. Generating quality leads simply means giving them exactly what they are looking for.

All that is needed to create an optimized capture page is focused copywriting, a valuable ethical bribe and good overall page formating. Note that I didn’t mention the design as everyone believes is important.

The best capture pages on the industry evolve around good copy and valuable content that’s traded for the prospect’s contact information.

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