Google Video Placement Showing Signs of Misguided Misplacement

Throughout the work day, I come across different strategy ideas to try and stimulate new conversions and testing opportunities for my clients. And on days like this, I just have the need to rant a little because what I noticed will make it more difficult for me to sell this strategy. For example, I wanted to provide a new PPC strategy surrounding Display Advertising using Google’s Video Placement through Youtube. Furthermore, the goal was to put together a solid strategy where the client could advertise their services to a very niche YouTube audience.
However, I was quite surprised at the “LACK of Relevancy” on behalf of Google’s Display Network Video Option Example. Now I know this is just an example they have provided, but I would of expected an example that was somewhat related to the industry/audience focus that I have searched under. In fact, my findings just reinforce my previous statements that even though Google is very good at promoting their nifty PPC Services, they are diminishing the integrity of these services and are simply not auditing what they are offering their advertisers. This kind of reminded me of the Seinfeld Episode where Jerry complains to the Rental Car place that “you have no problem taking the reservation. You just can’t hold the reservation.”
Let me explain….
If you can see the recent screenshot below, you can see my intention to place either a Banner Ad or Video Overlay for a video within the category of Health/Nursing. However, when you click on the example, it takes you to a Video which is about an Indie Movie about the end of the World and obviously has nothing to do with Health or Nursing.

Now, if you click on the link above (click here to see for yourself), this is completely irrelevant and screams of incompetency. Am I wrong? Too strong of words? NO!. The PPC marketers job is to provide their clients with the best possible advertising opportunities and we have to trust Google to deliver on those before we just commit to it. In my opinion, Google does not care how we spend the money, just as long as we spend it. It also helps to double and triple check what Google is offering, and sometimes that can even be a smoke and mirrors scenario.
In Conclusion:
Google just needs to be careful about how they promote these advertising options. In the end, it’s the PPC Marketer who is at fault and no one else if the client spends money on misleading audiences. Video Advertising has a lot of potential and will play a significant role in the future of PPC Marketing. But before advertisers take this seriously, Google needs to audit what they are offering.

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