Pay to Click Websites. The Naked Truth

Lots of people start their Web marketing journey with PTC (Pay To Click) sites. I, myself, started out in that manner. To begin, give me a chance to discuss what Pay-to-Click sites are. A Pay-to-Click website is a website where you are paid a very small amount of money for clicking on and viewing an advertisement for a determined amount of time (normally 30 seconds).

Once you’ve viewed the ad you are paid the tiny amount of money into your account balance and you must then collect it into a certain amount, such as $5, before you will be able to withdraw it. In addition, majority of these websites have a little more to them, like special options given only to members, and referral rewards.

You can pay for referrals (or you can ask them to register), and you get roughly half of the cash they make from clicking adverts. In short, if you are getting a penny for watching an advertisement, you’ll also get one half of a penny when each of those you referred does the same. It may not look that profitable, but visualize if you had several thousand referrals working for you.

Usually you’ll be given extra options that permit you and your rreferred members to view more ads, make more cash per click and get additional referrals. These additional membership offers tend to be expensive, but many are going to make more money over time.

To show you how this works, let’s assume you sign up with a PTC program that displays up to four advertisements. You purchase a membership and you receive one thousand referrals. Every one of your own clicks earns you one cent and so does each of your referrals’ clicks. Do the math. That’s $forty bucks for you, if all 1000 of your referrals view all four advertisements. Doesn’t appear very awful, does it? Not terrible for merely a couple of minutes of you time, agreed?

The reality is, virtually all PTC services are nothing but frauds. Pay-to-Click programs are actually pyramid schemes. Why “pyramid”? The reason is if you aren’t among the first handful of folks to get into the scheme, your odds of actually getting any money at all are extremely low, approaching zero. Hence, if 10 people invest $10 each, that sums up to $100.

The top guy may return fifteen bucks to four of his downline, leaving the rest of the members out in the cold. How they are able to get off with this is through enticing us to join as members and to buy referrals (which, by the way, are typically bots, not actual people), then paying us money that other folks invest to pay for their own membership and later referrals.

The cash from ads does not cover their payouts, particularly since many of the referrals you can pay for are bots. Soon, people cease signing up, and the later folks are hung out to dry. If you’re among the first people, you could earn some money but it’s not worth risking.

Personally, I would advise keeping your distance from Pay-to-Click web sites, as the good ones are going to make you very little money and those that make big money are typically scams, leading to someone losing out.

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