How to Drive Even More Traffic from Twitter

Your business may be small, but the traffic that it can generate from Twitter could be massive if you focus on 10 ways to bring those tweeters to your side of the fence…

1.  Tweet to your market.

Don’t just type out random tweets and send them with little thought. Make it social by imagining you are talking to a customer sitting directly in front of you. They are wondering why they should trust you. What do you say?

2. Brand your account.

Your tweets may be short and sweet, but Twitter is still a very social environment. It is not an atmosphere in which you can be successful while anonymous. Put up a picture with your business logo that represents your company well.  Your logo will allow everyone to see who you are so users connect with you on a more personal level.

Make sure the picture is professional and give it an inspiring image or perhaps something cute or funny to draw attention while reflecting personality. Remember, Twitter users are human and they will make snap decisions based on how they judge that logo. As you send out more tweets users should come to know that logo as your business without even reading the words.

3. Put your best face forward.

Your Twitter page should look like a well designed web page. You may want to include a picture of yourself or other special design elements that give off the vibe you want others to associate with your business.

If you design your background well you will get curious tweeter clicking through to your website or blog to see what you are all about.

4. Make sure you’re connected.

Make sure that you are linking your Twitter to your website or perhaps a business blog so that followers who come to trust and respect you know where to find you for further information or business dealings.

5. Advertise for Twitter, rather than just on Twitter.

Most people set up their Twitter account and think of it entirely as a way to advertise their business and establish a reputation as a professional in their field. This is leaving out half the equation! You need to advertise your Twitter account so you can alert your blog followers and website visitors to your tweets. Make sure your Twitter account is listed on business cards, flyers, and posted in some manner on your websites and blogs pages.

6. Aim to be legitimately helpful.

If your tweets are all mini ads or are obviously just trying to sell something, then you are going to turn people off rather than attracting them to you. Think of Twitter as a way to reach out to your target market and be genuinely helpful to them. If they take something away from your tweets they will be more likely to check out your blog or website to see more substantial pieces of your work.

7. Apply your market resource and knowledge.

Just as you design your blog posts as targeted responses to thoughts, doubts, and problems members of your target audience may be having (not directly, but that is your driving inspiration), you should apply your knowledge of the market and information gained through  market research to your tweets.

If you read from many people who have hesitations about your product for a given reason, you can answer that directly through a quick tweet and then in more depth in a blog. Don’t tell them it’s a response, but it should be one nonetheless.

8. Offer Twitter discounts occasionally.

If you like holding contests or coming up with sweepstakes events with small prizes, consider hyping up those promotions through Twitter. Some people won’t click through to a website just to check a business out further, but they will do it if there is something to be gained in the end.

9. Give them a piece of you.

Don’t be afraid to insert your own personality into your tweets, both while sending out messages and when responding to messages others put up. If you are naturally funny, don’t force yourself to be uptight and professional all the time. Show them your true personality and you will attract more referrals.

10. Be a respectable member of the community.

Twitter is a community just like the community you live in offline. Be respectful of others, steer clear of arguments and disruptions, and generally be a good neighbor. Follow others who interest you and they are likely to show the same kindness to you. The more active you become and the more time you devote the more benefit you are likely to receive from Twitter.

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