Start-up a Valid Adwords Campaign, even if You’re a Total Newbie

Take inventory of these simple five guidelines when starting a adwords campaign.

Make sure your campaign is aligned with this prescription:

First. Compose an attention grabing Headline

Some prefer, inserting their company name, I prefer presenting a solution for the visitor’s problem.

The chosen words use for the headline depend greatly upon the audience you’re targeting, namely: if you’re targeting product users you’d better formulate a solution that your product offers, but if you’re targeting people looking for information about the business opportunity your company represents, you might try using the company name for a header. BUT… as The General Rule – formulate an Attention Grabing HeadLine that addresses a problem your visitors are searching for a solution to.

Second. The First Description Line should be a benefit or a promise

What are you offering with your ad?

Third. The Second Description Line should be a feature

A channel through which the visitor will profit with/from the benefit you offer. (Free-report, Free-Video, Video Series, etc.)

Fourth. The URL you’d want to have relevance with the rest of your ad

What I mean is it should contain keywords found above in the ad or related words with the keywords utilised in it. Also, you’ll want the URL to be as short as possible, with no affiliate tail, and nicely typed (capitalize first letters of each word for better differentiation – this practice tends to result in better click-thru-rate or CTR; for better results use the technique throughout the ad).

Fifth. Deliver exactly what you are offering

Acting otherwise is counter productive for both sides: you get clicks you’ll have to pay for without generating leads, you’re visitor is scammed and you’re… scrued. My personal opinion, heavily advertised across network marketing industry (so nothing new), is use a lead capture page or a squeeze page.

This kind of covers the basic for any adwords campaign. I’ll refer to this subject in future posts.

Find it useful, or, in the contrary, boring and superficial?  please let a comment below and make your opinion seen.

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