Marketing Blog Anatomy series. The Starting Line

Heard about generating massive traffic  to your business pages by employing a blog? or… Are you just looking for some free methods of generating traffic to expose your bizzopp and/or products?  Either way, The Blog can represent such an option with some spectacular results.. and a few sidenotes.

Maybe it won’t cost you money to install and operate your blog but will most definetly cost you time and mental effort to keep it alive and make it standout in your niche market.

As a matter of fact, if you’re not an avid writer or simply crazy in love with the service/products you sell, you might have some rough times just maintaing you blog alive.

This is not me being an arogant ass, but rather kind of quoting the statystics which tell us that the average number of blogs launched daily is somewhere between 125K-170K, and despite its huge popularity, the average life span of a blog is of just 3 months. Challenging endeavor, indead…

Still, I didn’t bring you to my… Blog… just to make you hate my post or me, but rather to present you with a series of posts concerning the science behind marketing online with a blog.

If you’ve decided that blogging is The or One Of the Ways to go when exposing your business online you should pay close attention to what I’ll be posting in the up-coming weeks with reguard to this traffic machine.

Why do you have to have a blog for your business?

There are 3 “why”s and they appear as following:

  • Blog represents the easiest way to make a presence on line. If you’re involved in network marketing you need a solid self branding campaign. Becasue in network marketing is not about the products sold is about the selling process in itself and how this can be maximized. Blogs are the perfect choice because they are easy to install, easy to mantain and they produce very generous results if you intend on investing the time.
  • Blogs are all about quality content. And content is the first order of business when it comes to internet mechanics. Just providing good quality content on a consistent bassis will get your blog more exposure in the search engines and social marketing websites such as,,,, you name it!. The inevitable outcome of this exposure is getting free traffic and ultimately free leads for your business.
  • Making adjustments and updating a static website is the result of a carefully planned process, both in terms of cost and time allocated. With a blog things are dramaticaly simplified – write post, publish, search engines take notice, get visitors, establish feedback with your comments area, get more traffic – all in terms of days. Ultimately what that does to your business is it builds your own community of loyal readers that are more likely to buy from you and refer to you as a reliable source of information in the niche market you’re in.
  • Improving your copywriting and your blog’s functionality, as how I’m going to show you in the Blog Anathomy series, and you got yourself a traffic generation machine that would cost only your time and devotion.
  • Sure you could use some “easy” paid methods of generating traffic like pay-per-click. But, I wouldn’t suggest taking that approach if you don’t have a substantial and steady budget to poor into your online business.

The Blog Anathomy series has three parts, namely:
#1 Part.The Basics” where we’re going to discuss setting up an effective blog with all the  aspects that go into this process;

#2 Part.Content Factory” where we’re going to discuss how to build attractive posts, both for the SE and your visitors

#3 Part.Syndication of content” related to the content factory but still, a distinct matter.

Learn How to Generate Massive Traffic to Your Website and Produce Endless Leads for Your Business Opportunity

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