What to Keep in Mind When Hiring a Ghostwriter

One of the best decisions an Internet marketer or webmaster can make is the one to hire a ghostwriter. This will get you excellent quality content that is yours and your alone but you’ll free up your valuable time to attend to other matters of business. These tips are designed to help you narrow the field of options so you get the ghostwriter that best fits your needs.

The Turnaround Time: Deadlines are pretty necessary when you’re hiring any professional; having a deadline ensures that you get your results on time. A ghostwriter who can’t work within the time frame that you need isn’t going to be much good to you.

This is a point that you should always clarify prior to entering into any agreement with a ghostwriter. You should be sure of how much time he/she is going to take to complete your project so that you’re not left hanging after the work actually starts.

Remember that good ghostwriters may have a large workload and may not be able to complete your assignment on short notice. But if you are on a time limit, then it’s always better to be clear about things right in the start. To avoid any difficulties, you should come to a clear agreement about time limits when you first approach the ghostwriter.

Article Marketing vs. Quality Content: Lot of online ghostwriters focus on the article marketing type of writing -that is, they write articles mainly for their SEO content in order to build backlinks.

The best ghostwriters are mainly interested in quality rather than on writing for the search engines, so keep this in mind when you consider who you want to hire. The fact is, you can always make good use of material that’s well written and informative, and the search engines actually prefer this as well.

Many ghostwriters can produce a certain number of words, and stuff a variety of keywords into the mix, but you have to ask, what can you ultimately do with this? Whatever you want from a ghostwriter, it’s essential to communicate to them exactly what you’re looking for.

It’s not a bad idea at all to ask whether or not the ghostwriter you are considering offers some sort of warranty or guarantee for his work and it will help you feel more confident in your hiring decision. Sometimes there are corrections that need to be made by the writer who shouldn’t charge for these.

Just make sure that you and your writer are on the same page about this and what constitutes a reasonable timeframe for getting any corrections or adjustments made. Someone may tell you, for example, that he or she has written books but that as a ghostwriter, you won’t see their name on it; but if this is true, there still should be a way to ascertain this through the publishing house. Such matters can help you determine how qualified a ghostwriter really is before you commit to hiring him or her.

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