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If you create interesting content articles for your own wordpress blog, you will find that to make sure you have enough viewers is a challenge you face. Any website you possess will require people to notice it for there to be any probability of monetization. Spending a good part of your day creating links for your sites is something you can do to reach your objectives in this respect.
If there was a method to do this automatically then it is obvious that you could be far more productive during the day. WP Syndicator is a remedy for this and is available as a wordpress plugin. 

After you render a post when blogging, you want it to show in the search results as soon as possible and the links to achieve this need to be of the right quality. Some bloggers can make the mistake of just linking back to the main domain instead of getting link juice to independent posts.

In essence, what you want is for every single new post to get backlinks from top rated web properties and this will make sure that these are all listed. WP Syndicator is a plugin that does that and when it is set up you will find out that it is just the press of a button to automate the procedure. 

If you decide to purchase WP Syndicator, you will receive the plugin as a zipped file together with instructions to install it and get it activated. The web properties this plugin posts to will change as it develops and right now there are thirteen in total at the time of writing. Twitter and Blogger are included for instance and it is realistic to say they will likely be around for some time.

The plugin can be installed straight from your wordpress dashboard after which it is just a matter of setting up your accounts. You are ready to start the moment this initial process has been completed. The procedures you receive go through the entire account set up and any particular individual requirements that are required. 

Once you have all the web account info configured, as you post articles these could also be posted to all of the other sites. There are options as to how you can do this yourself or automatically and there is a supplemental way to get this to work with autoblogging software.

The way that this syndication works is to send an excerpt from your post to the assorted sites and you get to select the length of this within the controls of the plugin. Everything you need to be aware of in terms of anchor text links and what you can easily opt to do are shown step-by-step. 

As plugins go, WP Syndicator is very straightforward and seems to operate without too many complications. This is a quick way to get backlinks to your posts and help to drive targeted traffic to your site.

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