Learn What It Takes to Get Your Customers to Give You Testimonials

If you have been in IM even for a little while, you hopefully know the value of good testimonials. Nobody wants to get ripped off, and most people wonder if the product is worth it which is why social proof is important. It is not legal to ask for a testimonial, so very often a vendor has to just wait for somebody to send one in. We will go into more detail about what you can do about this issue.

The characteristics of your audience visiting your site will depend on many things such as your offerings. Just one possibility is discovering there are micro and macro niche audiences represented on your site. For instance, one of your products may be aimed at solving one problem, while the other could be a membership site on a different sub-topic.

What we want to say about this regarding testimonials is they do need to be spread out and appropriate. Instead of using broad comments/feedback, go targeted for every product to make a bigger impact. Your aim should be to make your request for testimonials that is less intimidating to your customers so that don’t hesitate in giving it away.

Have you ever thought about a survey? The can work wonders and serve to help you in this process. People online do not like the complex, and that is something you really should keep in mind with your surveys. But don’t forget to just come out and ask them how they liked your product. This kind of approach will reveal what they are thinking about doing business with you. The next step is to make a direct request to take their feedback and use it as a testimonial.

Getting links from as many reputable places as possible is the aim of any business on the net. People will have a signature in their testimonial if they are a business, so then just simply let them put it there. This is just one more thing you can do, and believe us when we tell you that everybody does this. Giving them the opportunity to have their backlink on your site, which will go a long way; so try using this technique.

Always work to secure some kind of testimonial, but be careful that you do not overdo it.


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