How to Make Your Articles More Traffic-Oriented

The traits any article must poses for driving traffic to your business webpages:

1. Must be informative and generate curiosity with the readers. Provide extremely valuable content but don’t put it all on the table.

2. Pre-optin your landing page. Insinuate to your readers that the rest of the good stuff can be found on the landing page, where they can also discover additional informations, just as valuable.

3. Confirm their expectations, and elaborate on the subject in your landing page, thus determining them to take the desired action (preferable, opting in on a webform).

4. Give it a compelling headline which addresses a problem or reviews a product in a unique manner. The idea is to make your ad to stand out.

5. Make it very clear for your readers what’s the action you expect them to take after going throught your article.

6. Write your content naturally, without concerning about the keyword density; when it comes to generating traffic with articles it’s all about the numbers. Always go for having 20 articles written in a loose manner then 10 of them, built with the keyword density science in mind.
Though, some quick tips for distributing your primary keyword throughtout the article should come in handy:

  • use your primary keyword with the headline;
  • use it up 5-6 times, distributing it evenly;
  • use it in the last lines.

You don’t want your articles to be perfect. Just start by getting¬†them well-formated and make your opinion known to the world.

You’re more then welcomed to contribute with additional infos about how The Perfect Article¬†should appear/sound.

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