Animoto – Making Videos Is Painless

If you are involved in marketing online, you you probably already know that videos have become an essential element in having an online presence. YouTube is the most well-known brand for online videos and its rise exemplifies how quickly technology impacts online marketing. Alexa ranks sites for the amount of visitors and views and YouTube, which was established in 2005, is at number three. YouTube is part of all our lives whether we are uploading videos or are one of the billion viewers each day. A way to get started making videos yourself, even if you have no experience, is through an online portal called Animoto.

If you want create videos that have a professional feel but you don’t know how, then Animoto will help you to do just that. It cannot cater for each type of video presentation you may be interested to create but surely it can help you to get something online very quickly. If you are interested to see how it works, you can do this for free but to get access to additional features you will need to look at the other membership levels.

The actual prices for the paid memberships are very modest with the Pro level having the most features. The Animoto logo is not displayed on a video when you sign up as a pro member and so this is actually the right choice when using it for business intents.

You will find that to get started making a video is totally user-friendly. There are several backgrounds you pick out for your video and once you have finished that you are ready for the next stage. You will need several photos when you go on to the next step.

The options available are to get these from your own laptop or computer or indeed Facebook and if you desire, Animoto has a number of stock images you can use. Also, you can include text at this point and this can be highly effective when combined with your photos.

Animoto has various styles of music you can select for the next stage of the process although it is okay to use anything you have yourself. If you prefer the Animoto option, these are tracks you are allowed to use and you can listen to clips before making your selection.

Before your video goes live, it is quick to select a different track if you have a change of heart when you see the end result. At this point you are ready to let the video be created once you specify a title and description for your video.

You will not need to wait long before your video is made and Animoto will email you when it is done although you can see from their interface that it is ready to go. The end result is a video of high quality that may surprise you when you think about how easily the whole process was to follow. The system will permit you to redo or remix it once completed or alternatively uploading it to YouTube is simply a matter of pushing a button.

Producing videos is surely something you can do using a tool like Animoto.


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