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All There Is to Know About Anchor Texts. No Joke.

A huge attention in Google algorithms is given to internal and external linking patterns of a website. In this field an even greater impact upon rankings and relevancy has the anchor texts that cloth the links.

The rule of thumb of anchor text is to build it with keywords and phrases you want your webpages to rank for.

Whenever possible, include in the anchor text keywords that exist in the page’s title. In best scenarios, you’ll want to use the title’s exact match as a link.

If you cannot always use descriptive anchor text, or just look to give your linking structure a more natural feel, a good alternative for building relevancy is to include link titles within the code.

<a href=”contentpage.htm” title=”descriptive text”>Click here</a>

Search engines won’t put as much weight on this format as with the classical anchor text format, but is better than nothing.

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