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What I know About Nofollow Tag – Shared Here

The nofollow tag is a consensual way (approved upon by major search engines and blog software developers) of embedding links or letting others post links on your website, often within blog comments, without you taking editorial responsibility for the landing page quality of the link.

Some misunderstand nofollow tag by believing that if, say Google bot, encounters one, it doesn’t follow the link to see where it’s pointing to. Others see in nofollow tagged links the way escape loosing PageRank.

Unfortunately for those guys, Google Changed How It Handles Nofollow, and apparently decided to let some link juice bypass the censorship.

This is inaccurate, because the search engine will follow the link but will not assign it with any authority or PageRank from your website, due to your attitude towards it – “I’m not recommending it” – manifested with the nofollow tag.

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