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On-Page Factors. More In-Depth Strategies.

If On-Page Factors tend to be a little discouraging at first, wait until you’ve gone throught to whole content. In the end, you’ll realise that it doesn’t take more than applying some proven approaches with this SEO elements in order to optimize your site’s Google ranking.

Title Tag

Google doesn’t require the keyword phrase to be used in the webpage’s title in order to get a top ranking. Still, you’ll want to use  the keyword phrase with the Title. Too many SEOs base their entire title tag optimization tactic simply on throwing a keyword phrase in it and squeeze a couple of links with that keyword phrase as anchor text.

Total Words in Title

You should want to keep this number to a maximum 8, or 65 characters long. The reason why I’m suggesting this is because of  ”Click-thru” rate. It doesn’t you any good if you rank on

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